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  1. I'm not gonna lie. I wish I could grab me some unbreakable diamonds, even though I don't think there's a line or price point for southern US professionals. I guess she's trying to make her brand a status symbol. If it does well and she wants to expand the brand, I hope she later does a more accessible line. (i.e. Dolce & Gabbana -> D&G; Banana Republic v. Gap).
  2. STCML wasn't one of my faves when it came out, but the song and JD's remix both grew on me. It's also a favorite of a lot of my friends who are just casual Janet listeners. But I def wish we got Trust a Try and Come on Get Up videos.
  3. Thanks. I couldn't find that trailer anymore and thought I was crazy for a min. I was excited when it was first announced and proud she was bringing light to an important issue that (at the time) the mainstream gay movement didn't even want to talk about too much.
  4. I just got the email from ticketmaster. It's official. It's a little inconvenient but not a problem. I suppose I'll never know why. If the sales were an issue, I wish she had come to north Charleston instead. It's slightly smaller than colonial life in Columbia and further away from Atlanta, where she's also performing.
  5. I haven't gotten an email or anything, but my ticket master now shows my concert in Columbia, SC changed from Friday August 12 to Tuesday August 9.
  6. Well, since we know it's got a video, I'm holding out hope "Dammn Baby" will be shipped to pop radio and clubs in the next week or so. I really don't understand why ""No Sleep" wasn't pushed at clubs. It's easy publicity, and only 2 artists have more #1 club dance hits than her, Madonna and Rihanna. She will also be on the west coast already during the Billboard awards, too. You know. If she's feeling sexy and wanna stop by for an opening number and leave.
  7. I thought Ben did a good job as both Bruce Wayne and Batman. I prefer Batman a little less bitter, but it's a small complaint on an overall good performance/written portrayal. Wonder Woman was great. I didn't dislike Lex, but I certainly didn't like the reinvention, either. I think Henry Cavill is good as Superman, especially if they are thinking of doing the Injustice storyline (LOVE that video game). I'm just not sold on his Clark Kent. There's no distinct difference. They might as well do like a lot of the Justice League cartoons and ignore Clark and stick with Supes.
  8. IDK why, but I can't hear anything on my comp or iphone from that periscope feed.
  9. I liked the video for Make Me a lot. I still see it on music video loops in a couple bars I go to. I personally think the song should have been a pop hit (in addition to it being a #1 club dance single). "Kids" on youtube have even discovered it (and RWU) after the video for No Sleep came out, and started wondering why they never saw those videos before.
  10. I LOVE Everytime. I think it just gets kissed in the shuffle as the last single on a great album. I wish should would do it live once.
  11. ? I'm so out of it this morning. Its tomorrow. I'll be home enjoying my holy Saturday in bed.
  12. I love how she sounds on it; I just can't get into the lyrics itself.
  13. I hope someone puts it on periscope. I think they're 8 hours ahead? Trying to have me creeping for Janet live feeds while I'm at work.
  14. Tomorrow would make the most sense. *fingers crossed.* And PLEASE for the video to be on Itunes.
  15. I still have anger and sadness to this day that my show was canceled and not rescheduled. I had 4 row seats. I made sure to get 1st and 2nd leg tickets for this tour (in 2 different cities).
  16. He's done and overall good job. I like her original white/gold for this tour (the one in the pic above, not so much the 2nd version) and her standard black for this tour. I do wish she had maybe 3-4 outfits total. I LOVED the white outfit she wore sometimes on NOUCAP (after she started wearing the extensions), her MJ tribute outfit, and the pink/purple slow song dress from NOUCAP.
  17. It's the nature of society now. People feel more comfortable approaching others romantically over apps than in person. I hate the change in general now. It makes some sense to me on say: tinder, because if you both swipe, you know you're both interested. But people on apps more like grindr will be standing next to you or just spoke to you 5 minutes ago but feel more comfortable hitting you up on the app. It's strange to me, but it is very common. I guess it gives them a sense of security knowing if you don't respond or turn therm down on the app, they won't be turned down in the "real world" a
  18. Dammn baby has the lyrics about a brand new movement being started with a conversation in a cafe. Referencing her progression from rhythm nation to shoulda known better.
  19. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I wouldn't mind starting spring off with a new Janet video to bop to. People on my social media gonna get tired of seeing me hashtagging and quoting dammn baby.
  20. That was an interesting interpretation. I'm surprised and happy people still give the song love. That was always one of my favorites on the album, along with Feedback, RWU, and Curtains.
  21. holla! I haven't been to the uk since I was since 16. I need to know how y'all boys (and gurls) party.
  22. Y'all be on some down low freakiness in this board, and my angelic eyes have been missing it.
  23. I hope she starts releasing the videos on Itunes. I would actually even buy the BIU lyric video. I like having them on my AppleTv.
  24. I got mine last week thursday. This is my 3rd album: Janet Jackson, 20 y.o. and Unbreakable.
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