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  1. i don't know why anyone expects the NFL or the halftime show organisers to even consider asking Janet to perform. That whole industry is still full with the same racist, sexist attitudes that saw Janet's music blacklisted and her being uninvited to the grammys back in 2004. America's race problem hasn't gotten better at all.
  2. michael irvin isnt keen on the idea? what the fuck makes his opinion relevant and important lol. If anything he should be keen on the idea given the issues surrounding the treatment of Janet as a (black) woman after the superbowl 2004, compared with Justin getting off unharmed. Michael Irvin isn't aware.
  3. Fans who had tickets to unbreakable shows have still heard nothing... not even one scheduled show in Europe Do you guys think it will happen? it seems kinda unfair..
  4. I want something with a good, solid, important social message, but done in that fun, care-free way that has everyone tapping their feet and moving their hips. Janet is good at that.
  5. I really hope she does. Because as cool as it is to see her new video and announcement, so far all the shows she's added to her facebook events have been in the states. If after cancellations on All 4 u, rock witchu and then the unbreakable tour, Europe gets nothing....then fans here are just gonna stop caring,
  6. but why doesn't she care? Its not just about views. Its for her fans. Ive wondered whether it has something to do with video rights. .but most of her albums have be on virgin label. Bedsides, it's not necessarily all Janet. Neither her record label nor anyone on her management team has bothered to put her music videos on Youtube. Kinda a bit pathetic really.
  7. All sounds exciting and a new album would be cool, but i have a feeling that if she embarks on another tour again that she may not include European dates. I hope she does, because it would be so unfair to those of us who lost money booking hotels and train tickets last time...
  8. obviously it was about Janet. I thought that was a given? Id presumed it was about her from the start
  9. Firstly, i hope janet is ok and i hope that she isn't hurting emotionally and just focusing on her wonderful new baby. But, i have to say, Im not entirely surprised. Something just felt...a bit off with him. The fact she cancelled her shows in Europe where she has lots of fans yet still performed for a wealthy crowd in dubai which.. Let's be real. .probably isn't Janet's fanbase.. Stinks of him.. It will be very interesting to see if the arabic additions to tweets etc are dropped after this. I wish her the best, but something tells me this separation may indeed lift some behavioural expectations placed on her by that man.
  10. I'd upload all my music videos to my youtube channel because it's pathetic that half of them are missing.
  11. it'll be a new album, a 460 date world tour and a headline performance at Glastonbury
  12. god sorry didn't realise it was so important
  13. That boderline creepy instagram picture surrounded by flowers and that odd virginal veil over her head as a way of "announcing to the world" that beyonce is pregnant/... who does she think she is? it's tacky and she needs to get over herself. It makes me appreciate the fact that Janet wants no intrusions and wishes to remain as private as possible, with only her music being her public endeavours. - classy!
  14. ga maar dit lekker vertalen schateke, 't houdt je bezig terwijl je een baan zoekt hehe x mwah
  15. first stop lemme pop drop ya like a helicop hahah bye x
  16. she's still listening I fucking hope she isn't coz all I can hear is gobshites banging on about islam and the knobheads at the daily mail avin a laugh over her gorgeous costumes x
  17. well no actually, i didn't know what the poster meant, when he or she was describing a location that doesn't exist.
  18. lol "downtown london" there's no such thing and nobody in London would ever say that
  19. because half of the original tour dates in Europe were completely unrealistic. talinn, estonia? this fact was reflected in the low ticket sales for many of the shows in Europe, such as Kaunas, Lithuania, where just under 40% of tickets had been sold. why would she reschedule shows in places where artists such as Bieber and Beyonce don't hold any shows at all- artists that have no problems selling out arenas.
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