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  1. What happened to him? He is literally the person behind the #JanetsLegacyMatters movement. He is very popular on social media and YouTube for campaigning for Janet to help keep her legacy alive ..doing what her actual team isn't doin.
  2. I do see how you be this bored to go through alllllll that lol i wouldnt even have the energy
  3. A 2-Hour breakdown of "Control" in celebration of the anniversary. This was
  4. I understand the reason she feels not to change certain routines but i dnt think it would be harmful to add a lil something to spice it up a bit. Im not saying change all of RN ..even if she threw a kick in there or something..it would be refreshing eye candy imo
  5. I will say i did like these fashion moments but the Rockwitchu tour gets too much flack. I didnt see anything wrong w/ those costumes. Maybe cus i like more edgy fashion. I wish most ppl would feel this way..janet fans hate her touching her staple routines.. Im like nope! It all needs to be revamped even RN.... I really wish she would add SOMETHING to that routine. Anything! The same exact choreo for 30 years?
  6. i had to go back and look at it myself, i didnt say it was groundbreaking and memorable but goin back to look..i liked the revamp of it better than the same ol same ol
  7. Joe.. Ppl were saying she looked like she had on a blue diaper. It was NOT the business.. And no she doesnt look good in blue. Its juss not her color. Those knee high patent leather boots added insult to injury. I think it was her worst tour costume ever.
  8. The asian theme was cool to bring back from the video BUT she didnt fully execute. It felt lukewarm. It was juss the Japanese graphics lit up and her asian costumes..and a big empty stage. She should have brought the blowing red fabric if she was gonna go back to the video. It was definitely missing props that would have REALLY took it to the next level..but her costume def was NOT a go for me. Her in the color BLUE for "If" ?????? No ma'am There is NOTHING "blue" about "If". Blue doesn't look good on her
  9. I might be in the minority here but i liked what she did for Unbreakable "choreo-wise" . The original choreo needed a lil reinvention imo. The only problem for me is she lacked energy bc of her weight.
  10. AFY tour version always bothered me. There was a complete disconnect in the presentation. I get the whole Asian theme but it juss kinda fell flat
  11. BEST performance of "If" was TVR show Which "If" performance you think was the weakest???? Lets discuss
  12. Y'all wanna say Mariah is doin it cus she likes the spotlight is only half true. Mariah is an incredible business woman who has learned the tools that are NECESSARY to not only stay making money but also to (at very least) stay thriving during a young sea of newbies/ culture. She gets it. Janet gets it but doesnt care as much. Mariah juss seems to take a lil more interest in her overall legacy than Janet. Janet has a misguided perception about her name in the new age. Kids hear that Janet is a legend but they dont know why. I seen a video the other day where it was sum kids reacting to her video and said "I didnt even know Janet was a singer..i juss knew she was in a couple of movies" ....THAT IS A PROBLEM whether yall want to admit it or not. Her youtube views are wayyyyyyyy lower than ALL her peers. THAT IS A PROBLEM. Young kids are more familiar with MJ's musical legacy than Janet's..some might say understandably but to me THATS A PROBLEM
  13. Everybody saying the Whitney album is POP .... Isn't RN considered a "pop" album too? Why are we putting it under the R&B umbrella ONLY?
  14. Hold on. YES, we know the media can be manipulating and project a skewed agenda to fit a certain narrative. Thats COMMON KNOWLEDGE, however....Trump only uses the "FAKE NEWS" phrase to deflect and draw attention away from his reckless actions and shady dealings that have been DOCUMENTED. So yeah, its only "fake news" when ppl find out his dirt. So he is hardly the person to be trying to stick up for with your "whether you like Trump or not" speech. Its a ploy for him. Nothing else...so please Stop before you get too far ahead. This is Trump we're speaking about. You dont reside in America, correct? If not, then please sit this one out cus you guys are HEARING about what goin on with Trump, while we're EXPERIENCING whats goin on with Trump
  15. I know that we hold TVR in such high regard but what we're not gonna do is act like out of all of Janet's catalog that "Unbreakable" (lyrically) isnt the closest to compete. Its easy to say "no competition" based on the fact that we're way more familiar w/ TVR ....it had damn a 20 year head start to marinate in our musical palate. Therefore from an objective stand point (and from a fair one thats not skewed by familiarity and/or a defining moment for that specific point in time for Janet) I would say if they had released back to back...it would be a tight run. So I'm not gonna give TVR a landslide vote..cuz UNBREAKABLE lyrically,sonically or organically better than most of Janet's catalog. Period. Give Janet her flowers. What other artists out of her peers was still making quality music to that level? I can't think of one. "Unbreakable" was a mixture of TVR and RN.....Hand deliver them flowers to that woman cuz she did that! GET INTO IT.
  16. But it wouldnt have made sense to even take that chance if janet had so much scrutiny around her. U keep making this about only America having an issue w/ SB but its still was RISKY since she was pretty much blackballed. U have to remember America is the BIGGEST market when it comes to the music industry..so yeah..if the biggest market wasnt fukin wit janet...overseas was not gonna take a chance on her. And lets be real Damita Jo was the decline of her career Joe...lets not act like she murdered..that was her first flop becus the public EVENTUALLY turned on her..juss cus janet had a big crowd at Seacrest show dont mean she was on top..that ended up being Usher's year with "Confession".. DamitaJo tanked
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