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  1. I thought she was saying "blush" instead of "plush" in no sleeep. And I still think she is saying "the lover I stand on" instead of "the love that I stand on" in unbreakable.
  2. This jumped out to me: Unbreakable is a joint release from both BMG and her own label, Rhythm Nation Records. This is a great business decision on Janet’s part, as it allows her to own the masters to all the songs on the new album. So that means she has a team at BMG pushing to make this as big and as prolonged a release as possible, and she’s getting a pretty sizable chunk of the royalties. While Unbreakable has yet to launch a big single in the way that Janet’s past albums have, it’s not all about sales and radio play for the legendary pop singer (although lead cut “No Sleeep” has become the longest-running number one hit on the urban adult contemporary chart of her career). When asked about sales projections and what BMG is expecting from the comeback [(I say come out) ]album, Cohen said they are waiting to see if it ends up being another number one (it will be her seventh if it manages to debut on top), but whether it does or not, Janet and her team are all “extremely self-aware” about what sales figures look like these days. So before asking if Unbreakable will be one of Janet’s biggest albums, ask yourself, “Does it really matter?”
  3. I kept repeating this song when I first got my CD. For a full day I didn't listen to any other songs past Dammn Baby.
  4. This is great news. As soon as you see "rock and roll" of course the sideways comments were going to come out, but we created rock and roll so I remain unbothered. I would love to see Janet, Chakha Khan and Chic all get in. Now that would be awesome.
  5. Well, I kinda feel like she's made an appearance, at least for me, since I just saw her live in concert and since i'm full face into the CD I feel she's saying a lot this week, so I may be the wrong person to add to this conversation.
  6. This is my favorite janet album - it's what pulled me into my janet OCD.
  7. Ok, so you know I'm still on a mega-supa-Janet HIGH, right!!!! I have not been able to recover yet, Janet stared at me for like 10 seconds (ok maybe not) but it felt like that. It was great meeting you and DC nation, oh, and i havnt opend my Janet gift yet either - i'm waiting until xmas too!!! OH, Janet ate at Zuma on Biscayne twice already, so says the Miami herald. you know i'm going there and ordering the same thing.Peace.
  8. yes!!! I can do the 5pm at Lincoln road mall. I'm there. We can firm up the details as it gets closer.
  9. i was trying to make myself feel better. . . dayum! anyway, i'm mega happy - this is the closest ive ever been.
  10. I'm happy with my seat. Plus, Janet doesn't even look down into the pit - she can't see those people. I got a better chance of eye contact with the seats I've got. So, where in Florida are you,slo?
  11. That's not the reason there won't be another show. The tour is called "2011 World Tour" not 2011-2012 world tour.Miami will be one of the last shows, if not the last.
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