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  1. Take me away.... my favourite song from the album since the day the album dropped. Definitely possible perfection.
  2. Yaaaaaaaaas. I'm ready for the slayage. It seems whoever said it would be similar to the make me video was kinda right the gif is giving me make me teas, could be wrong though.
  3. This era has been a bit of a mess when it comes to planning. But I am so happy for Janet. PS. To the fans who were not very sympathetic to us Europeans, well now you know how we felt, except you got an explanation lol.
  4. Well that's not happened, it's reopened and it looks like most users have returned. I've browsed but not yet posted.
  5. I don't hate it but it is very cheesy and not the kind of song I would've expected Janet to be singing at 40, I do like a bit of cheese every now and then though myself ha. On the other hand, I loved Never Letchu Go when I saw her perform it, u would definitely put that above Greatest X.
  6. I was just thinking about this interview ainterview few date ago but get find it, thanks for sharing.
  7. I love it! Looking fierce gurl ?
  8. I can not stand this obnoxious transgender woman, I really do not understand why people watch this show. She is basically a live version of mediatakeout or some shitty tabloid.... Gross.
  9. Anytime now apparently!!
  10. Absolute joke as if we've not been fucked around enough. Ticketmaster are a mess.
  11. So I saw this on Facebook earlier, thoughts?
  12. I'm not to sure really. I like lot of the members on the but it annoyed me that Mikel would close the board and make everyone suffer because of a few idiots, so I may just stay here. Well I'm going to stay here regardless, but I mean use this board only.
  13. That was actually quite sad to watch. She looks so sad.
  14. Good to see that she will be rescheduling, just hope I am able to afford the same amount of tickets as I had before. I'm guessing that she won't reschedule all of the European dates though.
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