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  1. Took me a few different views but it's a very solid performance. Absolutely loved the production value, the theme and how it really didn't just sit on her past work and they used it as a platform for MFN. Only 2 gripes is the BDSM outfits that keeps popping up in a lot of her performances for awhile now and I think Fallon performance captures the essence of the song better and would have translated to a full stage and set 100x better... But loved the performance. Glad to see she is still bringing it!
  2. Meh... I don't like whatever they did to her vocals.. They took away the '' coohness'' so to speak.
  3. Yes WE as fans did but I think the gem pop doesn't get it.. It's good to finally get the real story in the public discord. The racism part comes into play because Timberlake exposed the Nip! From a simplistic standpoint she was a victim... Imagine if a rapper exposed Arianna Grande nip during her performance ... Who would actually take the blame?!??! ?
  4. Seems like Janet's new team has finally embraced the new social media age.. It's a good look!
  5. Maybe the make up is different (looking older) due to it meant to be shown in black and white??? Dunno
  6. ^sounds like such a great experience! Very glad you were able to attend. Thanks for sharing!!! ???.. Does this air on TV?
  7. Only way I think an EP makes sense and I think this is what Dal thinks will happen.... She drops EP this year to keep reestablishing herself an keep her out there in the spot light than WHAM.. she does Full album an tour after performing SUPERBOWL. highly doubt she performs but you never know...
  8. Omg ?poor madge... WTH was that?!!
  9. Omg ?poor madge... WTH was that?!!
  10. Yea I think I agree for most part.. But are we talkin purely song attributes or 1st single /album roll out?!?!
  11. Hold up now....How can you exclude her X Factor performance?! ? I know the first half is '' Nothing'' but still... ?
  12. I gave the song the kids test....Showed my toddlers the performance and they were grooving right with it. Asked was it Moana?! ?
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