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  1. Point taken... although I can't help but love her "Scream" vocals, I will admit they aren't the only time she's used that "edgy" style before... I just think she emoted like crazy on that track.. It's clear she most likely felt like she really had to step up to plate, so-to-speak, since it was the first time she had ever done a duet with her big bro.. IMO, her best vocals collectively on an entire album is RN1814.. As for singles, Scream (for sure), AFY (also some of her BEST), and LWNDWY...
  2. I think Jimmy or Terry actually confirmed that they indeed were lowered before the song was finalized.. I would guess that mostly her vocals on the chorus or harmonies were slightly lowered.. What really shined about her parts were the verses... Powerhouse vocal! Even on the Immortal World Tour soundtrack they are loud and clear!
  3. Never met her BUT she did speak to my daughter and I during her SF show last October..
  4. Not bad! ?? but I think it would've sounded better to me ears if it was this same beat but with Janet's vocal, more of a remix I guess.. T4S!
  5. Norman needs help... We've all known for a while.. ?
  6. Love the song! Only minor criticism I have is the effect they have on her lead vocal.. Sounds almost too distorted to decipher, so hopefully that doesn't hinder any chance for success it may have..
  7. I definitely feel you on that one! I mean idk how much we should throw around the word "blame" when it comes to her significant others... But I also get the sense that Janet tends to be (possibly highly) influenced by the men she's with.. With JD, his influence was clear, and with Wissam, it seems his influence is even clearer. I didn't pay as much attention to Rene back in the day (that rhymed!) but I can gather he was also very influential to her and her career as well.. janet almost reminds me of Anne Perkins from the show "Parks & Recreation" (relationship-wise)... For those that watch the show, I'm sure you get what I mean lol..
  8. yea I never got the chance to see the UCAP show, but from what I've seen, it seems as though almost every show was pretty stripped down and, well, basic... i still wish she would've released that London show though.. I think that was professionally filmed for a Vevo release (or something like that).. Still wonder why that never happened.. i hope everything works for the best for u!
  9. I just wanna throw in the fact that when I saw Janet in San Francisco in October, the venue she played at only fit about 5k people, and she still put on the full scale show (pyro, stairs, Jumbotron, etc).. So hopefully a 5k seat venue will/should be big enough to do her full arena-type show..
  10. I don't believe anyone told you what you can or can't love... And when did I say I don't love this era?? She put out a masterpiece of an album, I took my wife and daughter to see her in concert for the 1st time and got front row seats, Janet even spoke to my 7yo kid during the show and I love all that! dont try to say what I do or don't love.. Lol i do know that you love to criticize others' feelings about situations at hand.. It's like if people don't feel the way you feel, then they must be wrong.. i hope you find your Great Forever, Norman..
  11. bruh you should definitely take your own advice!
  12. agreed... But I mean if the options were smaller show or no show, which do you think her die-hard euro fans would prefer? Hopefully she can still do arenas, but maybe just not so many shows..
  13. Tbh I really wanted her to do the show at O2, just for sentimental sake..
  14. Hopefully they get rescheduled to smaller venues if the true reason for the cancellation was lack of sales.. AND hopefully the European buyers won't be worried about buying tix (again) to see her..
  15. that shit was pretty shady... But I'm not gonna lie, I legit laughed at that 3rd one! ?
  16. I think I agree with that.. I've had some mixed feelings about all of this since the news broke yesterday.. I just bought tix a week ago to see her in the Bay Area when she comes back May 19 (her 1st show as a 50YO), so I'm glad she didn't cancel any US dates so far.. but I do find it somewhat amusing how so many fans for months have been saying she needs to do promo in Europe, should release a dance video, should do interviews, performances, etc because most knew the tour wasn't selling that great.. and then there were a handful of fans that literally think they knew it all and that Team Janet "knew what they're doing" and "shes a pro in the industry for 40 years" and on and on and on ... This just goes to prove that something isn't clicking on Team Janet as it should probably be, and that a lot of fans' concerns were sincerely warranted.. (this was my first post here btw.. Formerly "tpfkadal" from Janet.club!)
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