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  1. The first times hearing new Janet music is always so magical... I can't wait for this new album!! This was a great article. I love what he did with Janet on Unbreakable. Especially the vibe on Dream maker
  2. She looked so tired. It was a weird interview anyways.
  3. To me the answer is clear. TVR is an amazing compilation. It all just fits so well together and is a true piece of art. It was a very creative album, tour and project. EVERY track and interlude on that album is great. From the intro to the last hidden track. Now I'm not saying Unbreakable isn't great. It is a good album with some great songs like The Great Forever and Black Eagle (which is one of my all time faves from her). I do not, however, think that every track on that album is great. The less good tracks imo are: Burn it up, 2 B loved, No sleeep, Well traveled and Gon b alright. Som
  4. I just saw what Rihanna was wearing at her Savage Fenty Show 2 premiere. It reminded me of Janet on Jimmy Fallon promoting the Black Diamond tour. I think this was the style Janet was going for.
  5. Mariah is posting snippets of her audioBOOK... Janet is posting her favourite songs on Spotify... the contrast is huge. I wish Janet was in a better place in her career, she can do amazing things. Hoping the next project will put her there...
  6. I don't like it that much. And I've loved lots of his old songs and albums. This song is just not doing it for me.
  7. I like Beyonce and her music, and she has a great singing voice and looks great. But I see her more as a record company product than an original artist. She has her name on her songs but has she really composed them other than adding a few words here and there. I think she's had a huge team behind her who has designed her career and looks. Her team has copied coreographies and styles from other artists which is not nice. However, many artists do this so she isn't the only one doing it. I wouldn't regard her legendary yet in the same way I see MJ, Tina Turner, Madonna, Freddie Mercury or Prince
  8. It is sad! AFY was an amazing album and I'm so sad I didn't get to see the concert because the Euro tour was cancelled. The Damita Jo was full of great songs, it's an amazing album too. One can only imagine what the tour could have looked like! I've personally seen enough RN tributes. It was cute but less is more. The next time she does something for the public, she needs to do something NEW. I wish she would just shut down her social media for awhile, and then when it's time, bless us with some amazingness like she did with the Unbreakable album.
  9. This is so true. The European dates should have been announced and not used as a sort of an allurement. I don't buy the pandemic excuse either, I mean the fans should have at least been informed what was in the plans. Not entirely blaming her though, I wouldn't be surprised if there was some sort of contractual agreement that the Euro dates can't be announced until she's managed to successfully fulfill the US dates (knowing her history with the cancelled tours and dates).
  10. The BSB are constantly doing solid and smart social media. They have a great and motivated team behind them and it shows. Unlike Janet, they don't have a bad reputation as a touring artist with constant cancellations and missing refunds. Yes, the boycotts and superbowls can be blamed for part of the negativity but not all. It's easy to put the blame on "others" instead of admitting that Janet herself has a lot to do with it. She just doesn't care the way we would want her to. I don't think she has the magnetism anymore to fill in stadiums in Europe just by giving a few tv interviews
  11. Janet always liked to keep it private. I don't blame her for that, knowing what too much fame did to her family. I believe she has been hurt by fame and is doing the right thing trying to protect herself and her son. But her social media is annoying right now. Less is really more and the fan tributes have lost their value after being played 24/7. In Europe Janet was always seen mostly as MJ's little sister and at the moment I would say people view her like they view let's say Paula Abdul or Chaka Khan. If she would want to sell out stadiums she would need a massive comeback with hi
  12. Say what you wanna say... But usually she is never seen out in public unless she wants to. What ever it means I doubt it was just a coincidence.
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