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  1. The RN bomber jacket is now officially ready to buy at her shop. This was $275 in Vegas. $300 in SF this past weekend. But now, $400. Damn gurl! https://janetjacksonshop.com/products/limited-edition-30th-anniversary-rhythm-nation-jacket?variant=30223692398655
  2. Stumbled upon this news item today. It's Jimmy confirming a album of theirs which will have Janet on it. I know this has been in the works for years but it may seeing the light of day soon https://hollywoodlife.com/2019/09/23/janet-jackson-new-song-jimmy-jam-interview/
  3. She was definitely on fire today. SF gave her so much love. It felt like I was at the all for you tour with a sold out arena and the screaming audience. And no I didn’t care for her pj ensemble but hey Shes comfortable and don’t give a fuck. I can’t be mad at her. She still was a beast on stage. It was a real good show
  4. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-news/janet-jackson-rhythm-nation-1814-remix-collection-887690/
  5. Almost identical. I mean that makes sense, why is she gonna rehearse something all new but a few dates this year. Sucks she cut IGL. Saw some posts from last night. OMG those clothes.
  6. Anyone know the fan presale code? No emails in my inbox from jj.com yet
  7. Also note the chase center is the new stadium built for the golden state warriors. Its a HUGE venue
  8. My guess it will prolly be very similar to the vegas show
  9. Im at work but i saw it on fb. Tickets on sale 5/3 This will be celebrating the 30th year of Rhythm Nation. If you search janet and the chase center San Francisco on FB it should pop up. Looks like Janet might be doing some touring after the residency
  10. Yeah the breakdown was meh but still cool to see a take on this song from a completely different culture. The crowd was going off cuz she is from the group girls generation which is HUGE in Asia. They do have a song that was a little hit in my VJ club days that I came to like. Its a little banger
  11. This Korean pop tart does if, Not bad Or like that Chinese chick in the if video is all "eeeeeeeef"
  12. Also I forgot to mention I saw RWU live 3 times. Loved it each time. I saw SOTW 3 times. Twice last year and once this year. She got better in each SOTW show and switched things up at all shows too. Her band is great. Her dancers fit. So yeah everything shes doing is a real good look for her
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