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  1. Beyonce's "B'day" isn't even one of the 100 best R&B albums so you know this is a joke.
  2. Am I missing something because I don't see "Jagged Little Pill"? Without the Alanis debut this list has no credibility.
  3. http://www.fool.com/...y-won-2013.aspx Personally these Star War Whores continue to talk about "The Avengers" like its something new, when in reality its been around since the early 60s, and thats if you don't include "Captain America who has been around since way before then and the might Thor who has been around for thousands of years. I don't think it will have people worshipping them as a religion as Star Whores does but I do think it will hold its own and outsell the jedi girls.
  4. If he would have stayed in the car like the 911 dispatcher said and stopped acting like a "creepy ass cracker" as Trayvon called him than they boy would be in college right now. He needs to do hard time.
  5. Where is "Rhythm Nation", and "CrazySexyCool" if "B'Day" is on there? "21" was great but no "Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"..."Songs in A Minor" pales in comparison to the debuts of Erykah Badu and Jill Scott.
  6. Maybe she is trying to capitalize on the love theme from "Just Give Me One Reason" since its her biggest hit to date.
  7. Why would she not release "Walk of Shame"? That would be perfect for the summer. bad idea.
  8. Why does a 15 year old need a babysitter? Was he a retard or something?
  9. This whole thing is a mess, and I would have called him a creepy ass cracker is he was following me too. When a white man or perceived white man is following me, stalking me, etc. for no reason I think its racial as well. All black men do, and why shouldn't we considering the history of America?
  10. Ciara was bigger than mya ever was when "Goodies" came out.
  11. This person who wrote this letter needs a seat. Its not that serious.
  12. These girls are like a tie. I think Mya is more critically aclaimed.
  13. Where is this bath house? Only places I could find is Bulldogs, some place alled little something town(real cultural) and I want to say it was a club called tap or something. Good times. I could live in that city.
  14. I lost my celly with his number if you must signify.
  15. Have you came up with my calendar of events yet?
  16. Being honest we all knew it was false when they talked about how much she grossed from films. They should have replaced that with the businesses she has going on with Magic Johnson.
  17. Chillaxing. Getting out of Bmore. Partying. That type of stuff.
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