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  1. I seriously can't wait for her tour. I will even be off house arrest by then.
  2. After P!nk did "Glitter in the Air" at the same grammys Beyonce performed at, Oprah asked P!nk to be on the show and talk about the performance. Have 3 seats.
  3. P!nk just get more successful every time she comes out. Your faces just lose a little more of their shine evrytime they come out. P!nk hasn't even reached the highpoint of her career yet. Your favs have and rely on gimicks to stay relevant
  4. Has beyonce outsold P!nk yet without whoring her Destiny's Child sales into the mix?
  5. http://www.billboard.com/charts/hot-100?page=1 She is like a silent disaster. Nobody ever notices exactly how many times she sneaks into the top 10. I love the song.
  6. She added a lot of new material in terms of what she has never performed before. I think she did it to just freshn' up the show.
  7. She even does "There You Go", "You make Me Sick" and "Most Girls"... As Beyonce and the other lessors release lame singles, and Rihanna flutters around Fist brown's jockstrap. lol ------------------------------------------------------- opening with The Hives, Pink launches back to the top of pop with acrobatic stunts and killer vocals. She lost the Grammy for best pop vocal album to RCA Records labelmate Kelly Clarkson last week, but if an awards show should ever give out a trophy for best use of acrobatics in a pop concert, Pink surely would come out on top. Or at least so it seemed Saturday night at Staples Center, the third stop on her The Truth About Love tour. our editor recommends Pink Rocks Cancer Benefit in Los Angeles Pink Earns First No. 1 Album On Billboard 200 Chart Using acrobatics isn't something new for Pink. She did on her 2009 Funhouse tour, and showcased it on TV with a breathtaking performance of "Glitter in the Air" at the 2010 Grammys. Yet on this trek, Pink has perfected the presentation with a show that was so entertaining, it just might be the biggest spectacle in pop, especially now that Lady Gaga is sidelined with a bum hip. After an intro from the MC that set the stage with the singer as a contestant on "The Truth About Love" game show, Pink and company emerged with the star suspended high above the stage by three muscular male dancers, singing "Raise Your Glass" as she was being slingshotted back into the air with a bungee-like contraption. Aside from the acrobatics, there was an elaborate stage with five video-screens directly above it (including a massive heart-shaped screen in the middle) plus one more on each side, staircases and light posts, a crew of dancers, a five-piece band, two backup singers, numerous costume changes and a master of ceremonies who wasn't particularly entertaining or funny but gave Pink a breather between her more strenuous numbers. On the chance that such high performance would alienate her fans, Pink dedicated "Leave Me Alone" to the terrible dancers in the crowd, while a "dork-o-meter" was displayed on the video-screens. To change things up, she began her 2002 hit "Just a Pill" on the floor, showing off her bare midriff and killer abs that rival those of fellow pop star and recent mom Gwen Stefani. During that song, she was literally tossed around the stage by a male dancer. There was so much action onstage during the first six songs, it was a welcome relief when she broke into a cover of Chris Isaak's '90s hit "Wicked Game" at the mic alone at center stage. But it didn't last long, as she soon was molested by three male dancers throughout the rest of the song. Such a physically demanding performance is bound to raise questions about whether Pink is singing live, which she appeared to be doing, assisted by her backing vocalists and perhaps some recorded tracks. Whatever the case, she eventually let the theatrics take a backseat to her voice. She sang "Just Give Me A Reason," her duet with Nate Ruess, fairly free of distractions, save for the fun. frontman chiming in with his parts through the magic of video. Later, she got even more intimate with "Family Portrait," her heart-wrenching tale of growing up in a broken home, accompanied only by pianist Jason Chapman as her family photos flashed on the video-screen. She took a similar approach to "Who Knew," swapping out the piano for the accompaniment of Justin Derrico's acoustic guitar. These moments proved that she still is one of pop's most powerful vocalists. When Pink cranked things up again with her aggressive sexual table-turner "Slut Like You" and recent hit "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)," it was beginning to seem like just another pop show with song-and-dance routines, but she pulled out all the stops with the encore of "So What." Dressed in a gold bodysuit and strapped into a harness, she flew over the crowd several times, taking brief stops on perches set up on each side of the area. The stunt was so mind-blowing that most of the crowd attempted to capture it on their camera phones, while others watched in amazement. That was a more than adequate showstopper, but Pink opted to end the set with a gentler comedown: "Glitter in the Air." As in her famed Grammy performance, Pink again was in the air, but for a calmer and more beautiful performance that had her spinning gracefully as she sang. Swedish rockers The Hives opened the show with a thoroughly entertaining but short set. The quintet, fronted by Howlin' Pelle Almqvist, sported tuxes and tails but no extra theatrics. Instead, they relied on their tight-fisted garage rock, Almqvist's entertaining stage patter, Daltrey-esque microphone swinging and guitarist Nicholaus Arson's Townshend-like leaps. Back in 2002, the band seemed primed for success, along with The White Stripes, with the single "Hate to Say I Told You So." On Saturday night, they once again proved they should be stars. Setlist: Raise Your Glass Walk of Shame Just Like a Pill U + Ur Hand Leave Me Alone (I'm Lonely) Try Wicked Game Just Give Me A Reason Trouble Are We All We Are How Come You're Not Here Sober Family Portrait Who Knew F**kin' Perfect Most Girls/There You Go/You Make Me Sick Slut Like You Blow Me (One Last Kiss) Encore: So What Glitter in the AirO
  8. um...are you gonna mix all my songs into one big mega mix for me, or am I going to have to come looking for you?
  9. You girls are so angry and mad at the world. Me likey. I am too.
  10. That tranny killed "Party in the USA" the other day on Drag Race.
  11. To deny Madonna is a fashion icon is crazy. I thought I told you last week to leave the crack alone?
  12. Madonna is regarded as highly fashionable to this day babes. Nice try though.
  13. I knew somebody was going to try it remix boy, even if it is all malarky Bossip sat down with a Legal Expert to go over the legal possibilities from the studio brawl between Sir Ocean & Sir Brown. Interesting “legal” insight but ultimately probably “bulls****” Bossip: Could Breezy be facing some serious slammer time following his fade with Frank Ocean? BOSSIP spoke with a legal expert who says Chris Brown could be looking at a whole lotta time! “It is my understanding that there have been reports that the altercation between Mr. Chris Brown and Mr. Frank Ocean involved more nefarious issues than a parking space,” Atlanta based lawyer Kevin T. Connor told BOSSIP. “Specifically, it has been suggested that the incident was motivated and fueled by Mr. Brown’s anti-gay sentiments. If it could be established that, indeed, the brawl was motivated by the actual or perceived sexual orientation of the victim, it could be prosecuted as a hate crime in the State of California and/or under federal law.” Here’s the definition of a hate crime: Generally speaking, a “hate crime” is one where the accused uses force or threatens the use of force to injure, intimidate, or interfere with another’s exercise of constitutional rights if motivated by the actual or perceived membership in a protected class, including race, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. The litmus test is the motivation of the aggressor, which may be established by the nature of the accused’s prior statements and conduct, including through those exhibited through social media. In other words — Breezy’s past comments, on Twitter and offline can be used to establish a hate crime motivation. What’s worse is that the fight happened in California which happens to be the first state to pass legislation specific to hate crimes. Connor also says that even if the L.A. County prosecutor chooses not to pursue the case, he could still face a civil lawsuit. “The commission of a hate crime might also expose Mr. Brown to civil liability,” Connor added when discussing the case with BOSSIP. “In such a case, the circumstances do not require the violence be extreme or motivated by hate, or even that the acts constitute a crime.” And if you’re wondering what a criminal charge would mean for Breezy, let’s just say if he does end up in a criminal court, he might as well cancel any tour plans: “Prosecution under a hate crime statute provides for an enhanced punishment beyond the normal maximum sentence for the underlying crime,” Connor told BOSSIP. “In California, for example, should Mr. Brown be charged and convicted of felony assault in this case, his 2-4 year sentence could be enhanced (increased) under the hate crime statute by another 1-4 years, depending upon whether he is found to have acted in concert with others. Additionally, because Mr. Brown is on probation for his previous assault on Rihanna, he is subject to having the balance of his probation revoked, which is to say that he could go to jail for the remainder of his probationary period in addition to any new sentence.” Connor added that while it’s unlikely, it is possible that the case could be certified by the US Attorney General. In that event, Mr. Brown may also be subject to Federal prosecution under the Civil Rights Act of 1968. 18 USC Section 245. In other words messing with Frankie can get you federal charges!!!
  14. Madonna has sold way more records, has bigger tours, and sex fashion trends. When was the last time you seen grown men wearing heels and big woman hair? He needs several seats. Maroon5 didn't even release that song. He got paid for nothing, and he covers songs all the time live.
  15. pretty much. I hope the media try to push it as a gay bashing. That would make my naughty nasty day. Chris is one of them people like Tupac...When they get merked you just go all Kill Bill, and say "They had it coming".
  16. MDNA tour is the 10th biggest tour in music history The final numbers are in, and Madonna's 2012 "MDNA" tour has retained her box office form, clocking in at $305,158,363 gross with 2,212,345 in attendance over 88 shows, according to Billboard Boxscore. The tour began in Israel last May 31 and finished in Argentina on Dec. 22, hitting Europe, Asia and North America in between. The "MDNA" final box office tally is enough to rank "MDNA" No. 10 all-time in tours as reported to Boxscore, sandwiched between the Rolling Stones' "Licks" tour of 2002-2003 ($311 million) and the Stones' "Bridges To Babylon" tour of 1997-98 ($274 million). This is Madonna's second time in the Boxscore Top 10; the "Sticky & Sweet" tour of 2008-09 was third all-time at $408 million, the highest ever for a solo artist. Her 2006 "Confessions" tour came in at $194 million. All of these tours, including "MDNA," were produced by Live Nation's Global Touring division, headed by LNGT chairman Arthur Fogel, who offhandedly predicted to Billboard back in April that MDNA would end up a Boxscore Top 10 tour. Had "MDNA" played Australian stadiums, as was initially considered, the tour would have moved up a few notches up the all-time list. As it stood and as it stands, "MDNA" was the highest-grossing tour for 2012 according to Boxscore, making it Madonna's third time closing a year at the top of the box office heap, the others being 2009 and 2004. Madonna joined the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead and Bon Jovi as the only acts to be Billboard's highest-grossing tour twice in a three-year span, and "MDNA" gives Fogel and Live Nation their sixth top tour over the past 10 years. "MDNA" highlights were many, with the run through South America being notably successful. The five highest Boxscores on the tour were: - Estadio Atanasio Gerardo in Medellin, Colombia, Nov. 28-29 ($14.7 million gross, 90,018 attendance) - Yankee Stadium in New York Sept. 6 and 8($12.6 million, 79,775) - Foro Sol in Mexico City Nov. 24-25 ($11.6 million,84,382) - Estadio Rive Plate in Buenos Aires ($10.8 million, 89,226) - Estadio do Morumbi in Sao Paulo Dec. 4-5 ($8.4 million, 85,255) In North America, "MDNA" did best -- not counting Yankee Stadium -- at: - Plains of Abraham in Quebec Sept. 1 ($8 million, 70,569) - Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Sept. 12-13 ($7.5 million, 32,557) - The MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Oct. 13-14 ($7.2 million, 24,991) - The Staples Center in Los Angeles Oct. 10-11 ($6.2 million, 29,015). "MDNA" is the second tour under a 10-year multi-rights deal between Madonna and Live Nation, signed in 2007. "MDNA" is Madonna's fifth tour with Fogel's team, a run that marks the Material Girl's ascent into the elite ranks of touring artists and inarguably makes her the top touring female artist of all time. "It seems like I have said this a number of times following Madonna tours -- five times to be precise: the overwhelming global success of the 'MDNA' tour proves yet again that Madonna is the greatest female touring artist," Fogel told Billboard as the tour came to a close. "As this tour takes its place as one of the most successful in history, I can't help but enjoy the fact that it is the millions of fans who determine that. Thank you to [Madonna manager] Guy Oseary and the entire staff and crew of 'MDNA.' " http://www.billboard.com/news/madonna-s-mdna-tour-makes-billboard-boxscore-1008117012.story#/news/madonna-s-mdna-tour-makes-billboard-boxscore-1008117012.story
  17. http://www.digitalspy.com/music/news/a453215/tlcs-t-boz-unveils-new-solo-track-champion-listen.html?rss
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