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  1. Now you're bragging about being this person's friend on facebook? I question you're motives today. What are you up too exactly?
  2. We don't wanna be your friend either! We still love you though
  3. It was a good lie! You just wanna meddle and stand opposed to my agenda!
  4. and if I didn't... DON"T BE GETTING ON FACEBOOK INTERUPTING MY AGENDA!!!! and no, I didn't take my god damned meds today so don't ask.
  5. The Black Eyed Peas if "I Got a Feeling" came out then...They had huge hits, but Timbo did his thing too. Timbo mostlikely. even the work he did on Aaliyah's last album sounds futuristic to this day.
  6. He didn't hardly produce mariah's biggest album or single.
  7. Are ya'll seeing the great one creeping into the top 10 with "Try"...? Does it have you bothered?
  8. Well don't be making porn and posting it on the web and maybe they won't be coming for you then.
  9. Don't be mad. You never want to merge them Rihanna threads, and plus I declared I didn't want my threads merged anyway.
  10. AUSTRALIA'S favourite pop superstar Pink has become embroiled in a lawsuit over unpaid royalties. An American production company is suing the US singer, claiming they were owed $37,000 after failing to receive royalties from the tracks Can't Take Me Home and Hiccup on her album, also titled Can't Take Me Home, released in 2000. Specialists Entertainment claims the star and another company, Thunderstone Productions, signed a deal agreeing to split royalties from the tracks. The album sold more than five million copies. While the sum is modest considering Pink's estimated worth of about $40 million, the issue is not her problem, according to her representative, who told UK paper The Sun her record label Sony dealt with that element of the business. "Sony are responsible for paying the producers," the representative said. Pink's Australian tour starts in Perth on June 25. Read more: http://www.news.com.au/entertainment/music/pink-in-blue-over-royalties/story-e6frfn09-1226547444949#ixzz2H275C4kM
  11. How many years have I been telling you not to go against me Hotboy?
  12. Queen Beyonne when she dragged around vocally through the entire decade.
  13. No its not. She is either miss or hit and its about even right now considering her last 2 albums totally flopped and that old school crap was barely accepted.
  14. I wonder her thoughts on adultry since its actually stated in the ten commandments. Wait a minute, she just had a baby by a married man. I guess its all good with her
  15. Felonies of all the sorts are always worth it. I thought I trained you better
  16. Just tell it like it is Ms. JoeJoe. You wanna smut around.
  17. Yeah...just in case. Where you live Ms Game cause I need to visit. You need a good slapping around...
  18. Yes indeed annoying westcoast boy. Us libras rock!
  19. Cancers are the worst with their unpredictable moods!
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