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  1. I would have said no before, but this new person I met I would marry I suppose. Then again we've known each other for 3 days. LOL...I guess only time will tell as I get to know them.
  2. "We Found Love" was epic, but it has to go to "Call Me Maybe"...
  3. The album is fiyah dayzzz...Hold my hand in walk into the doorway which is Xtina
  4. This joint where she says spin around on circles on her middle finger is fiyah lol
  5. Listening to "Lotus" for the first time. Its hott. She should be having hits like crazy. I guess when you do those shows you sacrifice album promotions. Hopefully she'll get out and promote now.
  6. This "Army of me" song is fiyah. maybe it should have been the first single.
  7. And there is no way in the world Shit-tina has sold 80 million albums. Out of the top 3 girls from her generation, only she has to cancel tours based on low ticket sales.
  8. Look at you trying to pick certain moments out of a lifespan of careers. Britney has slaughtered her. P!nk has slaughered her even when she tried to run for P!nk's producers. The writing is on the wall. She needs to stop trying to write, and put her next album in the hands of anybody but her own.
  9. Ke$ha's hit song "Die Young" is guilty of horrible timing ... because its radio airplay is plummeting in the wake of the Newtown, CT tragedy. How long should stations keep it off the air -- or ... should it be yanked at all?? http://www.tmz.com/2012/12/18/tmz-live-bruce-jenner-kris-kardashian-donald-trump-miss-usa-universe-lawsuit-kate-upton-antarctica-kesha-die-young-tony-hawk-trey-songz-mark-sanchez/
  10. In fact, "Beautiful" was her last GREAT single. Britney's last few singles have been amongst the best of her career, and P!nk has been bringing the heat as well. Christina's AMA performance was also horrible.
  11. Britney's catelog murder's Christina, and her albums are routinely better. Christina simply tries too hard being an 'artist' and falls on her ass. Look at when she tried to run behind P!nk to Linda Perry. Hot mess. Only "beautiful" was sexy.
  12. Christina is a has been already amongst the likes of Brandy, Mya and Ciara...Britney and P!nk still bring home the bacon. Does this anger you sexy?
  13. She has been garbage since "Stripper", and she has the IT, she just doesn't know where she fits in.
  14. I honestly never thought it would be a day when katy perry, Rihanna and Nicki Kinaj would all be bigger stars than Xtina. Well I shouldn't say bigger cause Xtina is a 300 pounder, but more successful.
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