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  1. August 12 Los Angeles Staples Would be heaven if she performed a set with full orchestra that includes My Need and Enjoy.
  2. Come Give Your Love To Me on a New Wave channel on SeriusXM.
  3. Yes it would have been amazing had she celebrated the anniversary by performing the whole album that includes cuts never performed before. But this would have taken and asked for a full on different production. With Janets schedule it was impossible. It is what it is. I'm not pressed about it but definitely a missed opportunity.
  4. Weed maybe once a month now....use to smoke it every day up until 2010 as soon as I would get home from work and over the weekends. Loved it for sex...it automatically makes me horny loved smoking a joint before hitting the dance floor too. Now it makes me think too much and I get deeply paranoid. Ecstasy...geesh maybe 20 times back in my clubbing days. I would dance for a good 6 hours whenever I would go to an after hours event or Coachella before it was a celebrity haven filled with advertisers everywhere. Haven't touched it since 2006. The best X I had was in Spain...pure MDNA in powder form. The strongest and cleanest experience ever. Cocaine...I had a love/hate relationship with it. Did it lot when I worked with these Austalians at my second agency. They loved it!!! Haven't touched it since 2006. Alcohol...only in social settings or in a bar. Can't drink anymore as it keeps me up at night. I miss a good bottle of wine. Acid...3 times. Mushrooms...4 times. Love mushrooms! It's a very therapeutic drug that allows me to purge all toxic thoughts. After the effects wear off I go to sleep and wake up feeling centered and completely in sync with my body and soul. Meth....once by accident as I thought it was cocaine. It was awful. GHB....once and it was good. K....that shit is crazy. K holes were hilarious. Any hardcore drugs never again. Maybe mushrooms some time in the near future as I need a good purge.
  5. I knew Lorenzo would do her justice. I love how quirky she is in this feature. Just put the damn tutu around my shoulders! Love the shot with the boots.
  6. First...this is a selfie with the photographer and not a very good high res quality pic to begin with. Second...if you don’t know Lorenzo’s work just wait. Even if Janet is wearing this ensemble in the shoot he will make her look stunning. Her makeup is actually beautiful but you can’t tell from this grainy shot and the way her hair is laying is very misleading. Remember with Janet it’s all about her angles and it’s very evident when the fandom goes crazy it’s usually over a selfie. Calm your tits! It’s a selfie! Look how happy Janet is. More to come.
  7. I cannot reveal my sources. Take it for what’s it worth. I think some bts will be revealed soon though.
  8. Janet being shot by photographer Lorenzo Agius today at Milk Studios.
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