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  1. game why do you always bring up her greatest hits album when you're defending her?? can you please stan for another album
  2. If its not R&B Pink I don't want to hear it
  3. Joseline is a man Sandra Rose got an inside tip from someone who went to high school with her when her name was Joe. And that YouTube blogger Funky Dineva said that Joseline used to hang around the ATL gay clubs when she was still a man. Also on YouTube there's a video of a reporter asking the cast if one of them is a man and Joseline is the only one to get defensive. A hit dog will holler..
  4. The first few episodes of each season are slow then by the end all hell breaks loose
  5. What?! I remember the days when he basically thought he discovered her.
  6. Britney has a better voice than Chris Rene and he came in 3rd place and was a fan fave
  7. She definitely could have. The X Factor is not all about the voice. Now the Voice or American Idol..she would be in trouble.
  8. Season 5 is gonna be messier than ever from the things I've been hearing
  9. Lol look who's talking..it took you 72738382 years to catch up on ATL housewives
  10. I really liked that season premiere. Tara is my favorite character so I'm glad she's still on the show. Andy Bellefleur is lowkey sexy..! And did anyone else feel a different energy on the show..? I can't explain it but the show felt different. Not a bad thing but just a new energy.
  11. That reunion was terrible. I can't believe they turned it on Jenn. I'm done with this show.
  12. I feel like she always performs the same songs on her tours. But one thing I like about her tours is that she releases live albums of them AND DVDs, which idk why more current artists aren't doing this.
  13. Have you all heard the snippet of the Born This Way/Express Yourself/She's Not Me melody she's doing on the tour?? A portion of the rehearsal audio leaked
  14. I stopped reading when he put incredible and Kreayshawn in the same sentence
  15. Who cares?? Shes irrelevant in the current pop landscape
  16. Pebbles


    I saw that picture too and the show runner basically said it was apart of Emily's plan to end up in that position.
  17. Did you read the article?? It's obviously meant to be a joke. Peter Berg wouldn't have said that.
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