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  1. That Nia is really a disgusting person. And next week she's screaming "THIS IS THE REAL JEN." Bitch..you just ASSAULTED someone how is that in any way better than what Jen did to you? What DID Jen do to her anyway?? Her and Evelyn are just vile and gross. Team Jen.
  2. Yes she most certainly did I think you should watch again..after Nene tells her off she doesn't say a word and Kim has to come to her defense reaching with the baby daddy nonsense. Just because one of Kim kids sees it that means Nene was talking about them..? I don't get your logic. The point is that Kim has 3 different baby daddies and is trying to act so refined when just last season she was somebodys mistress.
  3. Hmmm seems like Shereé DEFINITELY backed down and was on hush mouth for the rest of reunion part 1 after Nene read her for bringing up her kids Because Nene didn't say anything about her kids specifically. She is talking about Kim having 3 different baby fathers. How is that talking about her kids? If anything it's a jab at Kim.
  4. Nene's read of Shereé after she brought up her kids is my favorite Nene moment ever
  5. I heard the final 2 is Clay and Arsenio. I'm only here for Mother Teresa and Dayana <3
  6. I hear she gets fired next so I'm excited!
  7. I'm sure she was required to go, especially since this was the final scene they like to get all the housewives together for. Thought it was rude for her not to say Hello or Goodbye to Kandi though, and the constant bashing of Kandi was a little OTT in my opinion..also rude to leave Cynthia and Marlo there if she was their ride.. Nene has been pretty levelheaded this season so it was disappointing to see her act the way she acted towards the end of seasons 2 and 3. Maybe they filmed that while season 4 was airing and Nene saw what the other girls had been saying about her? That's the only possible excuse for her behavior and the things she said.
  8. The rap part sounds like the Whisper Song by the Ying Yang Twins.
  9. He STILL hasn't chosen a judge?? Like I'm so over this.
  10. She got her ass together with no hesitation.
  11. I used to LOVE AUBREY. But seeing her now on Celebrity Apprentice she's totally different and a complete bitch. Also wtf did she do to her face?? She looks terrible.
  12. She's a very smart woman so I'm just going to believe she was being facetious with that comment
  13. This article forgot to mention you have to pay 50 up front before you can even talk.
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