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  1. Yes, she left right as the song ending.
  2. I doubt Beyoncé would even go to Janet’s concert at all if there was tension. We don’t know if they took a pic or not during UB. They have met and just not taken a pic or they took pic and Janet’s team just never posted it. That wouldn’t surprise me considering Janet hardly engaged social media at all during that time. Obviously, this time a pic wasn’t taken because Beyoncé left early.
  3. “Big Momma Thang” is easily one of Kim’s most recognizable songs in the hip-hop community. Any hip-hop head can recite the first verse word for word. And considering she name drops Janet in the song makes it very appropriate.
  4. Anthony was her best choreographer. Tina is second.
  5. Prince loved Alicia and spoke very highly of her skills as a musician on numerous occasions. He wanted her there.
  6. Elton John sand Grace Jones have nothing to do with Janet. Stevie, I guess. But despite Janet saying so, I don’t hear his influence in any of her music, aside from a few samples. Mariah will induct Whitney, which would be much more appropriate than Janet.
  7. There will be no residency dates in June. That article made a typo. The months are May, July and August.
  8. That’s because most Janet fans on here are insecure and bitter, and I’m against that behavior. I don’t subscribe to the herd mentality of agreeing with everything posted on here in the name of Janet. And it’s DARTH Vader.
  9. They were in front of a dance mirror. Paula saw all of Janet’s movements. Janet was looking down until Paula corrected her and that’s when Janet looked up.
  10. Janet was still learning here. Janet is a quick learner, but she still made several mistakes throughout this sequence. Why would the choreographer go full out while still teaching someone the routine? Paula gave maybe 60% here. I just wish some of you fans would just accept that Janet was not always the great, polished dancer we see today. At some point she was still a novice. She was a novice here still learning at the foot of a more experienced dancer. It doesn’t diminish Janet, it’s just a fact.
  11. Because she was the choreographer and watching Janet to make sure she did it right. Why would she go full out while still working with someone who didn’t have the routine down pat yet? How dense are you?
  12. I saw Janet mess up numerous times and having to be corrected by Paula. Janet started off with the wrong hand which is why she apologized and Paula said “it’s okay.” At 0:10 she wasn’t supposed to put both hands on her head, one was supposed to be on her hip, which is why Janet said “oh shoot.” At 0:30 Paula has to correct Janet by saying “audience,” meaning look at the audience when you dance. She was looking down while dancing which is one of the biggest no-nos in dance. At 0:42 Janet’s legs were too spread apart. The weight is supposed to be evenly distributed on both legs. That’s easily 4 mistakes Janet made in this one sequence. And when you look at the finished product you see how Janet listened to Paula’s advisement. Janet’s was literally 19 here. The arrogance to suggest she danced better than someone older and had been professionally trained for 20 years at that point.
  13. Actually it’s more Janet. It was for his album, but it was her producers and Janet who created the track for Michael, Janet co-wrote the lyrics, Sony hired Janet to pick the director, which is why Mark Romanek was brought in and Janet outperformed him in the video. The track wouldn’t sound the way it does and the video wouldn’t have looked the way it did if it weren’t for Janet.
  14. No. Not even close. Stevie Wonder has 25 Grammys, an Oscar, Golden Globe, Kennedy Center Honor and the presidential medal of freedom. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Cher and Barbra Streisand are both EGOT winners and Kennedy Center honorees. John Legend is also an EGOT winner.
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