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  1. Plain and simple...yall drove everyone away. All the ones who left including myself still communicate on other social media outlets on a regular. People on this board have made this place horrible with negativity amongst Janet or each other, favoritism, bullying, immaturity etc. I personally peek in here and there to see if there's any news I may have missed somewhere else. But I never speak because really everyone who I got along with in the first place who didn't give negative energy I still speak to all the time.

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  2. :lmao: @ "non-traditional". Yeah God forbid they finance their own project without panhandling

    Guess they couldn't get credit :coffee:

    I feel sorry for you, it's very evident you live a very sad pathetic life. No wonder you're a pot head. You need something to surpress the thoughts of what a miserable person you are. Always looking to knock someone down so you could feel good about yourself. Before I thought you were just an annoying piece of shit but now I know your struggle is real
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  3. I'm gonna agree with Game on this one. As much as I love TLC I think it's low to ask for money from fans when they're living in big ass houses and i'm only a middle class citizen.

    They are asking for money to have complete creative control and not be treated like a new artist having to do what the record label tell them to do and having to sign a 360 contract which they make artist do these days. The minute someone does something the non traditional way you guys are quick to point and laugh without knowing all the details
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