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    Ariana Grande

    Yessssss HollyHood, I love the new Mariah Vid LOL
  2. What the 40YO Virgin Lost His Virginity??? Woooooooow done finally got him some Yaaaaaaay LOLOL
  3. Do You Know is still being played on the radio here and they dance to that one more in the club here than Let Me Go...they be getting lost when the beat change and does back...its hella funny lol. But i know Brandy said she wanna dance but she can dance to Do You Know
  4. Well guess i dont need to name the choices lol...im glad do you know is a choice because what i had heard i was like ummmm do you know needs a single treatment asap
  5. Yeah i hate that too..but yes a 3rd single is going to be announced soon from what i have heard
  6. 3rd Single Is On Its Way And yeah its in Heavy Rotation here
  7. Well she was suppose to be in Dallas last night BUT that concert didnt happen. And riiiiight i was like damn how did he manage that spot on the show (Check ya inbox)
  8. Sears 50'' Toshiba LED Thanksgiving Night / 50'' Panasonic LCD Black Friday both $299 Best Buy has a 46'' RCA online $349 today for their countdown to Black Friday sale Hellz yeah im buying into it...i do most of my Black Fridays shopping online...normally most products that go on sale you can find online during amazon's flash sale or other sites try to match or beat the deals. Last year i brought everything for Black Friday online except a cell phone for my lil brother
  9. 50" Toshiba LED TV $299 sounds good to me
  11. THE FEATURES Numb (ft. Eminem) Loveeeeeee Song (ft. Future) Stay (ft. Mikky Ekko) Nobodies Business (ft. Chris Brown)
  12. I THINK THAT WOULD BE DOPE!!! I cant wait to see them together on the 18th :excited:
  13. I was going to ask if you had heard that too but guess so. Honestly "Do You Know" is one of the best single choices for the third single (she had a few that would work imo). Especially since Wildest Dreams is the current single and that is getting more play with the more strictly r&b adult stations and Do You Know will work with the R&B Adult and Hip Hop/R&B stations.
  14. yes i am. and i plan on playing it tomorrow night actually. that beat is siiiiick!!!
  15. Whoever this is im loving your opinions of the songs because im agreeing with your opinions...no need for me even to give mine lol :thumbup: :thumbup: :thumbup:
  16. Everything ain't for everybody. And I'm actually glad that she is doing different things on this album. Nobody want to keep hearing the same old thing over and over from an artist. The thing is some people want her to do an album full of slow songs showcasing her vocals or songs like wildest dreams. The fact is i think they are actually doing the best thing right now by mixing it up. It's best to tap into diff markets. I know for a fact alot of the stations that have been playing Put It Down would not play Wildest Dreams nowhere near as much. And vice versa. Shoot that's why alot of r&b artist can't even make the top of the r&b charts because they limit their self to one sound an entire album. You have to be able to get the interest of different age groups with your album and that normally takes a mix of music. And those who hated on Put It Down fail to see this is one of the 1st songs she had in awhile with a good radio and club response. Two Eleven In Stores Oct 16th EXXXACTLYYYY!!!!! :thumbup:
  17. Happy Happy Birthday!!!
  18. yes thats good. im so excited. damn aint it about time for the snippets to be online lol. im tired of waiting lol
  19. Shoot i dont even care if there is any more, i only need maybe one more anyway. shoot human had nothing i could play in the clubs so im happy with these two and there is always remixes that can be made to the non club singles lol. im so ready to buy this cd. already did itunes but i want to go out n buy it too
  20. Man the Starz ran up on my ass asking me how did i get that song and do i have the album and how come mine was in a better quality than the youtube version. but yeah it sounded soooooo good in the club sped up a lil bit of course. they guys and girls were both feeling it. im so glad she has more than two songs i can play at the club and people like. im soooo ready for this cd
  21. Man I Can Not Wait To Get This CD!!! And "Let Me Go" Was A Big Hit This Weekend For Dallas Black Pride So Many People Were Like Where Can I Get That Song I Was Like PreOrder The CD On Itunes LOL
  22. Yeeeessssss soooooo playing this tonight. And its Black Pride Weekend here so we got people from everywhere here tonight!!!
  23. Look at the time this one was posted and look at the time the other one was posted...seconds apart so no need to call me joejoe...if i was joejoe i woulda posted this xmas 2014 One of the mods can delete this lol
  24. http://soundcloud.com/supportingxtina/baby-its-cold-outside-longer
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