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  1. At the end. Thoughts? I thought it was actually Janet for a sec and I almost died.
  2. They need to desaturate everything and put a green filter on it.
  3. Aww remember when @ThatOtherFan used to call me Rochester. Whatever happened to him?
  4. I was gonna say this pic looked awkward but figured out it's not real: I don't know where the Janet pic is from though.
  5. I MIGHT be up for this. It depends how I feel. I'd have to be drinking to loosen up.
  6. This is awesome. Not to be a snob but it feels more legit on A+E so I'm happy it's not just Lifetime.
  7. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLMxYbGhTno/
  8. This year won’t fucking quit. I’m so sorry Kenny. It’s really heartwarming to hear of your relationship. That bond is forever. I hope you’re hanging in there. I’m here if you ever wanna talk.
  9. I hope you have a great day queen!
  10. You are a mess for this username. I can’t see the name history, who is this?
  11. Thank you. I wanted to say this but couldn’t be bothered lol.
  12. “Artist” Oh honey let’s hope you’re not a prophet.
  13. Aquaria


    I am so sorry to hear he got to that place. I hope he is at peace now. I have problems with depression in general and this f*cking year aint making shit easier and I'm sure we can all relate. We're not in this alone guys. I love you all.
  14. What is your favorite / which do you think would make a better single? I think Babylon needs to be one personally.
  15. My biggest enemy is me the latter part of this statement.
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