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  1. I know. Every time I do, you respond once and leave me hanging.
  2. Aw, thanks guys. I have reached out to you a million times punta.
  3. I was nervous as hell but I think it fed my desire to please. The overall experience was meh though. His ass was lovely but he didn't really know how to bounce it. I did it to my boyfriend once but it wasn't intentional. I've been trying to do it again ever since but.
  4. It's definitely a grower. I'll wind up liking it more than BTD.
  5. I will never not love the fact that she does. not. give a shit.
  6. I went on a seven-year health binge, lost 125 pounds and have since been into body-building. It's an incredible release but after a promotion and moving in with bae I picked up some of my old stress-eating habits again. My workouts are too intense for me to be so particular about my food choices anymore though. You look fantastic!
  7. It's just preference. I personally am not very particular. My ex was black and he said he had and would never date a black man. Psycho-illogical nonsense.
  8. I rent an apartment. I'm up for a promotion and when that happens I'll rent a home. I want to own one by the time I'm 30.
  9. No, white people are privileged and that makes it okay!
  10. Which is why we forgot. She did well.
  11. Who directed? She looked fantastic. It's definitely "inspired" though.
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