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  1. You believing that I can't comprehend something based on my skin color is more ignorant than me believing you and the likes of the current generation fail to comprehend the ecology of equality. You're actually backing me up while you have no logical reasoning to root of my lack of understanding.
  2. Blunt, not drunk. But do enlighten me with your equally ignorant rationale.
  3. This shit irritates me. That is the essence of equality. If you want to be an equal part of society then you can't keep making exceptions and special circumstances for yourselves. It's a word. I use it around any black person who speaks it to me and I don't give nary a fuck if he/she cares. Mind you, I am no parts black. Most black people are ass-backwards about equality. They want it but they still separate themselves by being the only people allowed to use the word, and still wanting to be an exception to the rule because of a retired oppression that no member of the current generation has the slightest clue about. That sense of entitlement is part of what is keeping black people separated in society. The notion of equality bears no exceptions. Equal is equal, all or nothing.
  4. I need to give up Chick-Fil-A and whiskey.
  5. Bae and I just put down a security deposit and reservation fee on an apartment, so whatever that portends to beyond love. And that's amazing, Matt.
  6. A shit song is a shit song. Discipline has an abundance of them.
  7. I've hated this bitch for years but she finally sold me. 4 is her best but Beyonká is a close second. I'm still most impressed by the way she released it. Genius marketing and sales tactic.
  8. The general public and I already have and we bypassed the record store on the way there.
  9. I am reveling in the onslaught of disaster that is the ArtPop release because GaGa deserves it, especially after all of her self-aggrandizement in the last few years and her claims to have "mastered the art of fame." You can't say that and pull out 258k on a $25 million promotional rollout. And then that scapegoat shit about her only being in it for the music. That $25 million was an investment that was intended to generate revenue. Yet Interscope is about $15-20 some-odd millions in the hole. Longevity or none, that figure is neither cute nor intended but it surely is well deserved. She's just an amalgamation of arrogance, bullshit, and contradictions. Sadly ArtPop is probably her best cohesive album but I can hardly listen to it for the fact that it doesn't seem genuine anymore. Everything she does just seems fake to me. Clearly the general public feels the same.
  10. It would hurt me worse and I would murder him in cold blood regardless.
  11. I surely do. Bitch needs to be knocked down a peg or two.
  12. This. And tbh "Scream" at the VMAs is probably second.
  13. Everything but two singles on vinyl. Missing from the picture is the limited metal case edition of DOAD that I bought late last year, which completed the collection. I don't own any of her films and (maybe) Poetic Justice aside, I never will. I'm not putting food in Tyler Perry's mouth.
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