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  1. Random shit. Music and wrestling lol. That was back in '08.
  2. I remember your voice from long ago Game. I think we spoke on the phone once.
  3. It was. And I was fucking around, hence the snicker before the answer lol.
  4. http://vocaroo.com/i/s1Kj8Q74Rcxs lols.
  5. I've listened to it at least six times in full and there really is no standout. Folks are giving "Wettt Dreams" way too much. And that hacked ass type...
  6. I'm quite pleased with the album but there is no standout track and it's definitely a problem. Cover's hideous too.
  7. She is seriously starting to turn me off.
  8. "I was not ready for the balls..." I'm sure you would lol. It's not extensive but it's colorful.
  9. Some folks just crave sex for attention. They don't care about details lol. Between my first and current bf I was talking to a guy for a long time and he begged for me to fuck him from the get-go. I refused for the first month or so and he'd go apeshit every time. After a few meets I decided to indulge in something lite and his ass had the utmost nerve to smell like week-old aborted babies. I couldn't even get through the hand-job. You can't be that thirsty and not clean house before company comes over.
  10. Pretty much every guy I met before the current. I like to get to know someone beforehand, I'm not here to fuck. Well, not just to fuck. Most bottoms I've met are thirsty as hell.
  11. Black Eyed Peas/Pussycat Dolls in 2006. I also walked out of a Crystal Castles show a few songs early because the bitch was almost three hours late and drunk/high off her ass.
  12. Can't put a price on memories. I had to buy a second-hand ticket that was double its retail value to see Bjork ($150 general admission). I paid $150 for a mid-venue seat to see Antony Hegarty, who isn't a concert artist in the slightest. Both of those shows were seven hours away so I had to pay for traveling accommodations to boot. I paid $700 for a VIP package to see Madge last year. I saw Janet twice, both times were near $200. And if Janet comes back around I'm dropping whatever it takes to get front row.
  13. 01. "Didn't 'Cha Know" x Erykah Badu. 02. "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" x Nina Simone. 03. "Water Me" x FKA Twigs. 04. "My Need" x Janet. 05. "Jump" x Kylie Minogue.
  14. I read the play some time ago, it's going to be good.
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