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  1. "Escapade." It fills me with some kind of spirit.
  2. Twitter / Planet Janet / YouTube - "Yonkers" / Filestube / Wikipedia - Controversy of the MDNA Tour.
  3. My father used to call me that lmfao. I should change my username. You've never come off as shy to me lol.
  4. The slide is actually the hardest part, by far. It's tricky. I'll try again soon. I bet I could slaughter it now that I'm in shape. The spirit of Janhova compels me.
  5. I'm a fool for this, seeing as it's two/three years and several pounds ago and sloppy, but idgaf. My tribute to Janhova. I used to do between two and four of her routines as an addition to my workout every night, hence the sweat.
  6. The file is too large to upload on the sites I'm familiar with.
  7. lmfaooo I found a GIF I made of me doing the "Scream" breakdown roughly three years ago, kneepads and all. I live for Her!
  8. I didn't think it possible but I have come to love The Velvet Rope even more over the last month or so. No one will touch it. Ever.
  9. The harem pants only look bad when she's heavier. She looks great, from what little is visible.
  10. She has several but they aren't as singular or standout in the scope of her career as Janet's RollingStone cover is within her own.
  11. This bitch is not making another 4, her ego couldn't withstand it. There will be Pop hits.
  12. GaGa hasn't been right since ol' Madge called her out for thieving, and she continues to make a damn FOOL of herself. That letter was a crock of shit and Sharon rubbed her face in it. PS) I totally read Sharon's letter in her high-pitched munchkin voice.
  13. I know this isn't news but I was reading the first two paragraphs of this earlier today and they continue to slaughter my soul. The concept, the subject matters, the genre-bending, the praise... all through Her hands.
  14. I no longer have room to complain, never mind lmao.
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