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  1. Soooo good!! The chorus is surprisingly really catchy... you wouldn't think it would be so addicting but when you turn it off the chorus loops over and over in your head. UGH so perfect. I love how original the song sounds, that beat is really interesting. I mean it's simple and all but something about it is so sexy and groovy and different. Her vocals are PLUSH. BTW SonofBaldwin, I think the bridge says "Don't have time to sleep but we can dream so think outside the box" and the unintelligible part sounds like "and touch your whole embrace" (idk how much sense that makes tho lol)
  2. When do you guys think it's all gonna start rolling?? First single in a few weeks? Album mid-summer? Tour starting in the fall?
  3. Yeah there's definitely no reason to really expect huge success from this, specifically singles wise, because she's past that window of time now. What I CAN expect from her is great music, hopefully critical acclaim, and sales/radio wise I can see her doing great on urban and AC stations, probably not pop (although that would be great...) and honestly she can probably get some good album sales from this. But when you look at things like iTunes and pop radio I'm not expecting much. But who cares? Ahhhhhhhhhh I just need her back RIGHT NOW.
  4. FINALLY. Honestly the music industry has been going downhill quick lately... idk what these artists have been pulling but even the legacy artists are giving me close to nothing quality wise. Janet please, I know you won't disappoint!!! Can't believe it's been 7 years since Discipline omg.
  5. THANK YOU so much!!! love it!!!! If anyone has any other interviews or anything regarding all for you, you can post it in here lol im obsessed
  6. Does anyone have this video with audio?? I'm trying to find anything where she talks about that album and this seems like the only video there is but it's muted :/
  7. I love this track! Definitely doesn't fit the album at all but it's a good bop; it's catchy and light and fun but that video is a shame because I know Janet did not want it coming out like that! IIRC, she said she had to rush and make a video in like a day without a storyline or anything made prior so... definitely sucks because she probably wanted to come out the gate with an amazing lead video.
  8. I think most people would regard either that or "Anything" as filler tracks but tbh I think they are both great. I don't really think there is filler on this cd
  9. Which do you think is an album filler? lol... neither Empty or My Need could be regarded as "filler" lmao
  10. "My Need" and especially "Empty" remain two of the best album tracks ever.
  11. Honestly I LOVE "Whoops Now"! Such a cute, fun song and I just love her vocals on it. Happiest song I've ever heard probably lol
  12. Does anyone remember the Jimmy Kimmel interview where he said "some artists have names for their fans like the Claymates" (Clay Aiken) and he asked if she has a name for her fans and she said "Janet fans" :lmao:
  13. Thanks so much!!!! He started at 68 votes before I posted it on some forums! Its really appreciated
  14. Hey guys it's been a while but I would really appreciate if you could vote my friend as best HS football player on long island... just click Connor Coughlin on the right side please it only takes one second!! http://www.newsday.com/sports/high-school/football/poll-who-should-win-hansen-award-1.6509294?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter
  15. I think that's a decent number. Hopefully she can get up to 70k by the end of the week
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