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  1. & Free thank you having the patience to explain in 3534534 ways what I tried to explain (even though a fool could've understood the first time)
  2. Are you serious? I said literally the EXACT same thing...
  3. Who is praising a 5 song EP 1: EP's can have more than 1 song 2: Like I said 435354 times in here EP's can serves as the starter into more material. 3: Janet fans aren't praising the idea of an EP, but NEW music coming so soon. like omg
  4. I wasn't talking about EP's when I said come to 2018 jeez, your comprehension is really piss poor.
  5. The Weeknd just released one Ep's can have more than 5 songs and they serve as an introduction into a new album shortly after, example EP fall, album spring and international tour And it sounds as though things are still up in the air atm
  6. Where did I say the goal was to rule the world? and where I'm I stuck on her doing an EP? I'm supportive of the idea, not STUCK on it. If she does release an EP you'd be the first to play it either way, it's not a big deal. Come into 2018.
  7. 1: Yh EP's are cheaper to produce, distribute and promote, they're usually done as a introduction into a new sound, era, look ect...thought it was common sense As I ALREADY stated above, the reason may be the album isn't ready and she wants material out to keep her name current and out there musically. 2: And? She can't try new things? Explore different avenues? When has Queen ever been boring and predictable? 3: Yes there is, she testing out a new sound, she's exploring new looks 4: Who said she didnt? She's obviously expanding her reach BEYOND her fanbase, she's going big
  8. ok whatever You are so stuck on the idea of her NOT doing an EP you're not trying to hear anyone else's point, because everything I said makes sense and is logical.
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