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  1. i remember reading somewhere she did have a song made about the whole ting, but she scrapped it, but i'm not sure so take it as you may anyhow as for why we never got a whole social conscious album at the time was probably because she didn't want to scrap what she had. it would take entirely too much effort to make a whole new album when damita jo was planned to be released. the effort it'd require would be exhausting anyhow it's 2019 she may have had her whole career destroyed bc of a white guy but she's moved on and so should you !
  2. i'm like super late but i must clear my name and ideas ! it's like overly complicated to explain, but i dont dislike the sotw tour because it's mainly greatest hits and basically a greatest hits tour. i am completely fine with that since that's the artist janet's become now. i just dislike the show because she feels the need to perform every single hit. it feels too frenzied and i just missed some of the songs getting performed in full
  3. Damita Jo could've been so much more if she took a different route, musically, considering the messy political climate in America and how she became a social outcast for existing. It was still a cute album, but that was when Janet really stopped having anything to say. Like we get it you have a sexual side to you that we've never seen ? 20 YO was an ugly mess and could've been so much more if she did something actually about Control and her past 20 years instead of the messy 2000s R&B mess we got. Discipline was just.... Unbreakable was her first album where she actually had something to say in awhile. It was more reflective and grown and made an okay album, but an okay album that was at least done with love and meaning in mind.
  4. I don't get why everyone is so insistent on inflating Janet or any of their fave's sales it just looks foolish. We get it you think your fave deserves these extra couple million sales or it's been soooooo long since the sales have been updated, but don't add what isn't there. Anyhow, thanks for this beautiful and legitimate thread
  5. See my issue isn't the fact that not enough album material is being performed. Unbreakable is not filled with performance hype songs (nor was it very good), but my issue is that the tour just feels cluttered. I can understand the hits being performed because Janet isn't known for stuff like Dammn Baby or Burnitup or even stuff like Feedback, etc, but I don't like her trying to fit and squeeze every single in existence. I'd prefer it if the setlist was less compact. If we got her fave 20+ tracks that weren't cut to 30 seconds a piece.
  6. I'm already tired of the SOTW tour already ngl . Her past 4 tours have been her performing every thing in her discography. I get using getting that for the Number Ones tour, but as of now ? I don't want 20 medleys. Idk maybe it's just my preference
  7. i kind of remember in like the early 2010s janet talking about releasing some sort of bundle of the RN & janet. tour with her new album (at the time it was going to be her 11th with Rodney Jerkins but it got scrapped), but i'm not a 100% so pls don't attack me if i'm wrong or sound incredibly stupid. anyhow i think sometime in 100 years (at the earliest) we'll get the janet tour, but it's best not to wait for it
  8. There's another stem of Janet screaming "What's up n******" it was an unexpected surprise
  9. sorry. They've been leaking on a the Madonna forum https://madonna-infinity.net/forums/index.php you have to sign up and they're being shared on the "Other Artist File-Sharing" section
  10. the parts that make up a song like the piano in the background of IGL or the harmonies and backing vocals. They're really amazing to hear
  11. There's been several Janet Jackson stems leaking recently and I'm crying. Rhythm Nation, Got Till It's Gone, and I Get Lonely have all leaked and I'm hyperventilating. They literally showcase how amazing Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are along with Janet's criminally UNDERRATED vocal range WHEN I THINK OF GOD GOT LEAKED
  12. Just listened to Made For Now I can't get into it I don't hate modern music, but the reinvention of Janet this time is so
  13. Aren't you on Madonna-Infinity.com too? I'm too broke and clueless as to where to get trading material so hearing anything involving her stems for trade makes me
  14. Create a tour you wished happened! Janet Jackson Dream Street Control Damita Jo 20 YO ^albums that never got a tour.
  15. I have like 60 Janet vinyls all her albums and some singles I suggest Discogs, local record stores, or Ebay
  16. Really? The Japan promo vinyl, if it is one, says Speed It Up (Put It On You) and a couple other sites say Speed It Up (Put It On You)
  17. I've been trying to collect all of Janet's Unreleased/Rare/B-Sides as part of a compilation. So far I have Rock N Roll Start Anew French Blue You Need Me Work Skin Game Part 1 & 2 Escapade (Instrumental) Vuelve A Mi (Come Back To Me) 1814 Megamix (Long version) That's The Way Love Goes (Instrumental) Whoops Now (Not really rare) And On And On One More Chance 70s Love Groove Again (Piano/Vocal) Again (French Version) Can't Be Stopped Accept Me The Beat Of Black Wings Gods Stepchild Who Ruff I'm Here Could This Be Love Love Me Speed It Up Clap Your Hands Put Your Hands On What Can I Say Roll Withu Weekend Days Go By Let Me Know HeartBeatLove Promise Of You Love U 4 Life Is there anything missing that's obtainable?
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