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  1. I can 100% say act on that dream. Either in the country or in a parking lot during the night. One time I was giving him head on the highway and a guy on a motorcycle was just riding alongside us watching. I know what you mean. I'm 6'2, but my tall ass will make it work. We're about to drive off now. We're visiting his family and I need to release some stress.
  2. I didn't even get mad at him taking over my mind this time. Next time I'm gonna start yelling in tongue when it plays.
  3. My sex drive has been on overdrive. I love going on random drives just to pull over, get out, and have sex. The love making sessions have been on point lately too. We're about to move soon, and already planned on having a sex dungeon. I want chains, whips (got some but want more), swings, poles, and other necessary items. That way I can fully let loose.
  4. Cause I'm goin' numb...I'm goin' numb...I'm goin' numb...I'm goin' numb...I'm goin' numb...I'm goin' numb...
  5. I still wish Janet would have done Storm. I don't get why she never did an action film.
  6. "WITOY" came on in the store the other day. I went skipping down the aisles, and skipped my happy ass out when the song ended; however I forgot to get what I went in the store for.
  7. henrietta.


    Late, but congrats!
  8. Chile Halle knows whatever she does she's trying to be Janet. Just long hair my ass. I need to find that interview she did to promote Flopwoman (I think it was Ryan Seacrest's first TV show) where she was stating her workouts which were exactly like Janet's along with talking about singing to Janet's music in the shower. That alone makes me believe that Catwoman was originally meant for Janet.
  9. I love "I'm Legit"! The other songs are good too, but that's my fav.
  10. I would make sure I'm early to class everyday just to sit up front. I would probably fail unless the lessons were written on his pants.
  11. You be the teacher, I'll be the student...
  12. Believe it or not, but I haven't even looked at Taylor's album.
  13. I'm just tired of the Disney kids/Kidz Bop look. Give me the sexy adults.
  14. She said it once before months right before she was dropped from her label (or at least when it hit the news). She doesn't need to repeat about how she feels it shouldn't have come out when there's a new project.
  15. HELL YEAH! The Wanted is so much better and sexier. These lil twinks gotta go.
  16. Will you protect me? I don't know who/what to believe anymore.
  17. Can those lil 1D kids go off into the woods with Dick Cheney?
  18. I love it. When it's released, I'll delete the download and purchase it.
  19. I think you need to find better actors and pay more. No shade, no tea...just saying.
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