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  1. Idk why people want Janet & Beyonce to beef sooo bad on both sides. Shit is soooo late. Anyway. Glad my girl Bey came out to see the show. She loves Janet.
  2. Omg THIS! I would say even though I'm in love with original routine. The new one is almost up to par with that. Janet is now 53 so I know they probably adjust to what she can do now and feels good to her.
  3. I just wanna say I love the new routine for "YOU"
  4. The fact she is doing YOU, TRUST A TRY, CHINA LOVE, ROCK WITH U and I love the Rhythm Nation segment! The stage literally almost turns into the RN world tour stage. and pyro after black cat!
  5. YESSS OR VELVET ROPE OR EVEN AFY TOUR! I miss a BRIGHT stage. Tired of all the black
  6. I'm very excited about this Vegas gig. I hope this brings back BIG PRODUCTION Janet.
  7. I get why y'all feel how yall feel regarding AFY tour, bu honestly I loved it, it was the first Janet concert I've attended. lol The stage was huge and I miss production like that or velvet rope.
  8. I thought the janet. tour was that long? Anyway, I just want a brand new more organized consistent World Tour.
  9. I rather not see Janet in any pix with Auntie Spandex
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