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  1. Haha! I love us 4 real. He choreographed Feedback for Vegas.
  2. Very detailed and heavy.. I don't know how she danced wearing them
  3. No the pic is my home.. the link posted showcased the items I won. Janet.tour jewelry.
  4. Janet finally arrived ! I'm on cloud 9! https://www.instagram.com/tv/CQJ4Jdkn3p8/?utm_medium=copy_link And will be on displayed next to my mural!
  5. this pair! choker and belt.. this included an additional choker which I don't recall seeing.
  6. She understands where her fans don't
  7. Now this is the real deal.. I totally agree with their number one VR and dream street/20 as bottom feeders.. I would've exchanged DJ with Unbreakable..
  8. The Velvet Rope was birth tomorrow at Oct, 1997! Let's get this album to number one again!! Stream, purchase ect
  9. Just finished the installing the Queen.. Janet reposted this in her story
  10. Most fan base stick together while being opinionated.we simply just don't..I have an entire list of examples but
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