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  1. Now this is the real deal.. I totally agree with their number one VR and dream street/20 as bottom feeders.. I would've exchanged DJ with Unbreakable..
  2. The Velvet Rope was birth tomorrow at Oct, 1997! Let's get this album to number one again!! Stream, purchase ect
  3. Just finished the installing the Queen.. Janet reposted this in her story
  4. Most fan base stick together while being opinionated.we simply just don't..I have an entire list of examples but
  5. Please she was making love in the rain lol we knew she was a freak lol
  6. That finally uploaded So Excited HD and that looks flawless
  7. I personally would love to see a few dancers with street edge. Their style of dancing lack personality and movements are not fluent.
  8. Come with it ! Funky big bang is a Jam! Point!
  9. Come with it ! I would love to hear a jam session Night into Fucky big band into Freexone .. give me a dance jams session! By the way Black Cat on the Janet tour was unstoppable! ..
  10. I'm shocked no one listed her recent work. No songs from unbreakable (which I've seen a few post praising the album) Damita jo or 20 yo, excluding "Enjoy".
  11. Don't like her make up at all..all that brown around her forehead and cheekbones
  12. So you don't want her hits?
  13. I would love to do a set list but I have no idea what the new music sounds like sonically. I see the same songs over and over from past tours. What song you rather not see?
  14. I would love her to close or open the show with Can't Be Stopped
  15. Oh noooo won't take on that responsibility lol
  16. I just posted that prodiction! Lately, I've been really close or hitting the nail on the head.. I mention she will open Vegas with Empty, This tour I called it on Twitter after Gil post. I guess the album name black hearts and it's black diamond... I'm also guess Goin In as the first single...
  17. My little theory here. She will do the same as the unbreakable era drop a month into the show.
  18. Medley will be different than past tours !! Come with it
  19. Janet confirmed the album will be released... before the end of the tour lol
  20. The code is Damitajo ... I got 5th row baby! The same as Vegas!
  21. Go to Janet Jackson. Com..top of the page enter your email and click on the arrow
  22. Anyone recieved a pre sale code? I have not!!
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