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Found 1 result

  1. We know new music is on its way very soon but what we don’t know is if it’ll be a completely new album or just a new song(s) to hold us over until her next album! I know we’re all excited for a new era/new music from Janet, especially since “Unbreakable” was such a triumphant return to form! But do you think Janet’s next album will hold up? Will it be an even better album since A LOT has changed since then? Here are my Expectations/Speculations over her next album! 1) Motherhood-Now that Janet is officially a Momma, we know there will be some songs centered around that, if not the album’s main theme. 2) More Socially Conscious Songs-I think Janet should once again take it further with her social commentary on modern day society. I say she takes the concept of State of the World Tour and reinvents it with more messages about police brutality against minorities, corrupt justice system, white supremacy, mass shootings, etc. 3) A New Sound-Janet experimented a lot with “Unbreakable” by not conforming much to modern day music expectations. She kept it old school with a contemporary twist by only dabbling with some new age sounding music here and there. I want Janet to explore other genres of music again, but also keeping that mix of old school Janet meets new school. 4) Open up about her marriage/divorce-We know the obligatory "ex" song is coming and considering how there's a chance those domestic abuse rumors might be true about Wissam, it will be interesting to see how she delivers a song about the falling out of that relationship. 5) A 2018 release date-3 years after "Unbreakable" seems like enough time for a new album and for Janet have recorded it in time for possibly a spring release?? We a possible European leg of her tour; it would be a great platform to promote the album with some new song incorporated into the show. 6) Album Title/Happier Janet-Lastly, I hope we hear a happier Janet on her next album as she seems to be in a very good place now and I know whatever the album is called, it will definitely be about where she is in her like now....maybe "New Again"? "Maternal Wounds?' But what are your guys expectations/speculations over a possible new album soon??
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