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Found 5 results

  1. Thanks in part to a share by THE Jimmy Jam, this post has gone viral over the last few days. Do you think there's a case to be made for Janet Jackson's appeal for Millennials? https://texasleftist.com/2016/09/janet-jackson-the-first-millennial/
  2. During the 90's I didn't pay attention to Madonna at all as it was all crap until 1998's Ray Of Light which I think is her best album. Madonna's best concert is still the "Blonde Ambition" Tour though Janet stole the spotlight away from her with her Rhythm Nation tour in 1990 as well. Madonna was seething during this time.....if you see the "Truth or Dare" documentary there is a scene where Madonna is trying on clothes at Chanel and she tries on this black coat that is exactly like Janet's coat from "Escapade" and the one she wears in the opening of her concert for R.N. Madonna loves it and shows her dancers and as she is ready to take it off one of her dancers says "Very Rhythm Nation 1814" and Madonna responds "Bite your tongue". And here I find this clip from Madonna's girlie show performing Holiday with a Rhythm Nation look and intro. Metamucil is certainly forgetting how much she bites off other artists. Maybe she thought no one would notice or care as The Girlie Show was one of her worse tours sales wise; she took the tour for the most part overseas as no one bothered to see it in the states. Madonna was truly at her lowest career wise for a while during the majority of the 90's after "Vogue". I think Madonna having her first child saved her career as Ray of Light is truly amazing right after Janet's The Velvet Rope. She chilled for a while too but as soon as she turned 45 around the "Music" era Madonna went back to her old gay boy childish games. I've said it before......Madonna is a loud obnoxious aggressive gay bottom boy! Janet snatched the Queen title for a a little over a whole decade from 1989-2001. Janet was unstoppable and didn't put out an album every 2 years. No one can take that time away from Janet! And I think she's going to rebuild another amazing era. Madonna might be called the Queen of Pop by the World but she never ruled for more than an entire decade! We know who the real queen is and they both are amazing in their own right. I think they could learn from each other except with the exception of dance......Madonna will never get close to Janet's dancing ability style or sound as good as Janet but Madonna could help Janet with how to put on a great production but at the same time does Janet really need all that distraction as far as a high production tour? Janet has done just fine. The only thing I wish Janet would do that Madonna does is remix her older catalogue and perform them in an entirely different way. I wish I could support Madonna along with Janet as I loved certain songs from hers in the early 80's but I never loved any of her albums except for "Ray of Light" and I just can't stand the unapologetic bitch!
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