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Found 4 results

  1. Let's say you had the opportunity to create the perfect tour setlist, what songs would you put on it & in what order? While we patiently await, the more than likely tour dates, let's play create the show: Act I.01. (Pledge) Rhythm Nation/The Knowledge02. State of the World (Only because it's the name of the tour)03. Racism Interlude04. New Agenda/Can't Be Stopped05. Should've Known Better Act II.06. Livin' in a World They Didn't Make07. Medley - Lonely/Come Back To Me/Again 08. I Get Lonely (Acoustic)09. Got Til It's Gone (Acoustic)10. That's The Way Love Goes (Starts Acoustic Ends Regular) Act III.11. Love Will Never Do (Without You)12. WHYDFML/MYM/Escapade/WITOY/AFY13. Someone To Call My Lover Act IV.14. The Great Forever15. Dammn Baby16. Free Xone (Dance Number)17. IF Act V.18. Medley - Funny How Time Flies/Twenty Foreplay19. Anytime Anyplace (SNL Version)20. When We OOO/No Sleeep Act VI.21. Nasty22. Feedback23. Night24. New Song Act VII.25. Together Again26. Medley - Feels So Right/Because Of Love / Doesn't Really Matter / Runaway / Enjoy Finale.27. New Song28. Control29. Medley - Go Deep (Timbaland Remix)30. Empty31. New Song32. Funky Big Band - Band/Dancer intro with a mic stand Encore.33. The Love Message She Released/Better Days P.S. - This show needs to be heavy on visuals...good quality visuals.
  2. Hey guys! I've been working on this Unbreakable Tour montage for a while now, since the tour wrapped in Japan. I wasn't going to share it online, except with a few friends cause I was afraid people see it the wrong way, but after all those cancellations and postponements, I decided to. I like collecting stuff from my favorite artists and it includes bootlegs and unofficial fan-made dvds (whenever there is not an official one, and even when it does, It's always cool to watch different shows). I'm NOT a professional video editor, but I did the best I could. I used a lot of different videos from a lot of shows and the audio that's in the back came from a full recording of the Hawaii dates that concert 808 uploaded to YouTube awhile back. All the videos sources are listed on the credits at the end of the video, if your video is on this montage but your name is not on the list, YouTube probably removed it during that witch hunt before I took notes of your channel, sorry :/ That's it... I hope you all understand I'm not trying to take an advantage from Janet of her 'intelectual property', this is only a fan-made bootleg and NOT FOR SALE. Just a glimpse of what the Unbreakable World Tour was and I really hope you enjoy it and have fun watching! I'm also sharing two DVD covers I designed for it. Thanks to our friend Rich Esteban for the AMAZING photos he took from the Hawaii show DOWNLOAD LINK: https://mega.nz/#F!wwBAAToY!_m5Mt4FwF7KVKbTs7SVU6A
  3. Best selling album of the year 2013 20/20 Experience -The Complete Experience - 3.2 Million - US
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