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Found 12 results

  1. Just discovered the great extended mix of Night from the Unbreakable album. It's my favorite song from the project, and the ONLY criticism I have is that it's just too damn short. Thankfully this guy DJ AB seems to agree. Check it out, and leave a comment on the video. It would also be great to get some more mentions of the song out there. I think if given a fair shot, this song is still capable of landing on the charts. Another interesting tidbit... if you like Janet's 2009 single Make Me (which also happens to be her 19th and final Number 1 on the Dance Club charts), it has the same c
  2. So baby Eissa is finally here, and Janet has even briefly appeared in public!! As we rejoice the successful baby news for Janet and Wissam, it's also time to postulate on the legend's next work projects. As her loyal fans, we all know the Unbreakable album quite well. But for the rest of the public, there are still some opportunities for singles. Which song would you choose for Janet's next single? What would your video concept be??
  3. So... Janet made it into the Billboard Adult R&B Songs TOP 20!I'm from Brazil, so my Spotify streams doesn't count But let's keep sharing and streaming #DammnBaby everywhere!Let's make it #1, guys!
  4. Janet’s longtime producer and friend Jimmy Jam has told Reuters that they are still in the creative process that lead to Unbreakable. This interview had escaped from the fans’ attention until recently, and Jimmy shares details about their current mood. Jimmy states that they are still on the “Unbreakable Mode”, dealing with unfinished ideas that might still come to fruition. That might lead to another record or a 2.0 version of her latest album, as long as the inspiration comes first. “The creative drives everything. […] You can’t put the car before the horse”, he said. Check the video out! +
  5. So the Dammn Baby video has finally arrived, and for Janet fans, it did NOT disappoint. But her new single is NOT getting played on the radio!! Stations across the country are refusing to put Ms. Jackson on the air. While other artists' new singles have rocketed immediately into heavy rotation, stations are silent on Dammn Baby. Please call, text, tweet and facebook your local stations and #RequestJanet!! Let's get Dammn Baby out into the world! Is anyone hearing the song played?? If so what stations?
  6. I wrote my heart out today, felt the need after recent events, and I'd like to share it with all of you. ‪ Here's the link if you like to share: http://www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1soe5vo @JanetJackson has NO IDEA how much I love her and how much she’s part of my life. On the good and bad times, she always have something to say. Her words and moves help and inspire me everyday. Her book made me accept the fact that yes, I’m a little overweight and there’s nothing wrong with that, I can still slay being chubby! LOL I love food, I love myself and I found someone who loves me how I am. If Live Nat
  7. Hi Everyone, I wasn't ever going to make my videos public bc they were my OWN personal footage of me recording with my new digital camera but i feel like being that this tour pretty much is over, i decided to share my footage with the world. However i posted my videos on my channel for your enjoyment, if you use my footage you must request my permission if not i will either report you or take down my footage. Sorry to be harsh but ive had some situations before. I can honestly tell you the my footage is the best on the internet, i recorded it with my digital camera with Super HD 1080p60fps!
  8. Dj Aktive teased us on twitter about 'new songs' a while ago on his twitter. But now, I found this: I don't know what it is, but I've never heard it before, I'm pretty sure I can hear her voice saying Plush and I FUCKIN' LOVED IT!
  9. Just found this on youtube a few minutes ago... It had only 16 views when I found it and contains some unseen professional takes from the show! *-* I'm so ready for this... EDIT: I've been saying this for a while now, I smell a documentary film coming!
  10. I know a lot of you don't care about charts, but for those who do...this is pretty impressive: After falling to #3, being dethroned by "Hotline Bling" last week -- Janet comes vaulting back at #1...with a BULLET (gains in performance)! Go Janet!
  11. http://host.madison.com/daily-cardinal/record-routine-unbreakable-janet-jackson-stands-strong-on-seventh-lp/article_5ca82a3e-714e-11e5-94b8-5766e7c7ce62.html This one is unique, in that it praises one of my absolute favorites, "Gon B Alright" as the best song on the album. It's great seeing just how well-received this album is day after day. Janet has truly won back her toughest critics with this offering...it's such a nice event to watch unfold.
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