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Found 1 result

  1. Hey guys! On October 3rd, 2014, I released my first ever remix album. It was my first "official" attempt at creating an album filled with quality remixes that helped not only showcase my talents, but provide a new take on various tracks. The artist I decided to take on? JANET. https://soundcloud.com/theofficialamorphous/sets/the-janet-jackson-amorphous I meant to post this as soon as it came out, but I've been so busy with school. For those who'd like to know who I am, my name is Jimir Reece Davis, and I go by Amorphous production wise. I'm sixteen on the brink of turning seventeen, and I'm proud to say that music is my passion. As for the remix album itself, I decided to try to take on some songs that not many have remixed (ie. Would You Mind). "Would You Mind (Amorphous Remix)" takes the original sultry track, and revamps it into a jazzy-trap remix, yet still manages to capture the original sexiness of the song. "The Pleasure Principle (Amorphous Remix)" is a 90s house anthem. It features melodic pianos, retro bass, and a sick groove to go along with Janet's cooing vocals. "Feedback (Amorphous Remix)" takes a slightly more experimental approach, one that might work on the dance floor, one that might not. Trying new things is what I do best, whether it ends up successful or not. This remix is more of a modern hybrid house track, but many people seem to enjoy it! "Scream (Amorphous Remix)" is an attempted 80s approach on the iconic collaboration between Michael and Janet. "If (Amorphous Club Mix)" is definitely a track for the clubs. Taking note of the 90s house anthems that existed from before, I attempted to not only keep that essence, but bring along a more modern feel for the new crowd. Overall, I think this is one of my best works yet, and I truly can't wait for you guys to hear Volume 2 soon! Tracklist: "Would You Mind (Amorphous Remix)" "The Pleasure Principle (Amorphous Remix)" "Scream (Amorphous Remix)" "If (Amorphous Club Mix)" Videos for most of the tracks and an exclusive sample will be uploaded to officialshadeTV and ithl123. Thanks again!
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