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The Official Lady Gaga Thread


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I think you missed that major shade Game threw...

Anyway, to me IT SLAYS, I love their harmony's and that they kept the part where they say each others names in, I think I prefer it more than the Robert version, only by a lil tho, I like Christina's verse more than Roberts too (like don't get me wrong he sings that verse perfectly and to the high heavens, but lyrically, I don't quite get what that has to do with what the songs about), her verse seems to be what the song speaks about.


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nothing stupid about what I said :umm:

marriage ≠ collaboration... And Beyonce has been using collaborating with Jay-Z for years to garner a hit

*wonders how Deja Vu / Lift Off / Upgrade U / That's How I Like It/ Hollywood were hits*

Husband and wife can do whatever they want together. If they're in a studio together even a retard knows they'll probably record something together :).

:yawn:. I cba with debating with you. It's only day 1 of the year :rolleyes::lol:.

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