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Rebbie Jackson & her Daughters talk Mental Illness


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Yashi Brown, Rebbies youngest daughter (who suffers from severe Bi-polar disorder) uploaded a video of her and her mom & sister talking about having the disease and encouraging others to get checked up and to support your family members suffering with it.

Though this video isn't about it at all, it goes without saying, those are 3 GORGEOUS women, good GOD!, And I never really heard Stacee talk, but thats soooo Janet's talking voice double lol. Rebbie seems like such a sweet mom, and women in general, I just love her so much

But on to the subject at hand, really makes me kinda feel shitty, I used to reach out to my cousin who has a mental illness that effects his personality (I don't know if it's Bi-Polar but I'm pretty positive it is, he shows signs, but it's something serious), but I've avoided him and pretty much ignore him because he's said some really shitty things to and about me, and I know he's sick but, he's just really too hott or cold to really tollerate anymore, don't get me wrong when we're in the same room I don't go out of my way not to see him or anything, if we're close by I smile, and say hi, but Im saying I don't go out of my way to make myself available to him anymore, he does have people & relatives who he hasn't crossed, so luckily he's not dealing with this alone, I just honestly don't want to deal with him pushing out his frustrations on me. I don't know if that makes me selfish or mean, (I'm sure someone/some people probably think that is) but I just am not in the space to deal with that from him.

(didn't really mean to vent all that but whatev lol, it's a open forum)

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