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A Janet 04 SNL exclussive from 1 of the show writers & a friend of mine


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This actuallly happend a while ago (well last month), but I kept forgetting to post this here

I was talking a good friend of mine named Jordan Black who is a actor and writer, & wrote on SNL for a season, the season where the Janet episode is from. And we were talkin SNL, and Janet came up (as she does in conversations with me somehow lol) and he said this

"Man Janet's so cool, like you just don't know. A lil thing about SNL, it's all about the writers, celebs come in & kiss ass with either Lorne (the show creator) or the cast because thats who they see, especially musicians who host, but, Janet got it, Janet pulled us writers asside, bought us lunch, and said "I'm really excited about this, so nothings off limits I want to be in some funny skits, and I want a funny monologue, use my whole life & family just don't get disrespectful about my family" and we just loved her because she approved alot, she was easier on us than the censors were for what we wrote, she didn't approve any sketches where we'd have her with Michael tho but that's understandable. But she went about that whole experience the right way the way I've only seen and heard about mostly comedy actors going about it, we didn't want to stop working with her, unlike alot of other singers who hosted and we couldn't wait to get them out and a real actor in, but with Janet, she was cool, she got what it was about.

He said she was most nervous about that Monologue, but she went about it like a pro, I agree ofcourse.

This was actually the 2nd time he kinda told me that, but he gave alot of details in that 1, and I meant to tell you guys right away but....vaca lol, but I talked to him today and it just reminded me.

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