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The Official Madonna Thread


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I read that 14 more songs leaked... :unsure:

oh shit....I feel like I haven't given them a proper listen and I want to give a review thats well thought out...all I can say right now is from what I have heard she is going in the right direction, some missteps but overall she has a good sound going

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According to Idolator, these are the names of the new leaked tracks:

Veni Vidi Vici
Beautiful Scars
God Is Love
Hold Tight
Best Night
Inside Out
Tragic Girl
Nothing Lasts Forever
Back That Up (Do It) ft. Pharrell
Holy Water
Graffiti Heart
Body Shop

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Iconic Demos


Addicted is fun and I love it! My favourite on Iconic

Bitch I'm Madonna. I quite like it but it doesn't suit her. It's a classic case of her trying to get down with the young ones. But bitch, she's Madonna so who cares?

Borrowed Time - has potential. I like the lyrics. Obviously its just a demo but it sounds like with better production it could be anthematic...like Don't You Worry Child.

Heartbreak City - Sounds Lana inspired at first. It is forgettable though.

Illuminati - the music is a mess as are the lyrics. Yet I can't help but be drawn to it

Joan of Arc - love the lyrics. She can clearly still do ballads but I didn't feel like she was connecting to the lyrics which is weird because it sounds like it fits her. 

Living For Love - it's pretty good. Reminds me of the 90s tbh.

Make The Devil Pray - a bit boring tbh but I like the lyrics. It has potential. 

Messiah - I love the piano intro. I love her voice on this. I love the words. I love the dark feeling. I love this.

Rebel Heart - another introspective song. I love it. It's very catchy and also empowering which we know Madonna does well. 

Revolution - the music on this shits tbh. I love that guitar. The song kind of goes nowhere though

Unapologetic Bitch - slay that. Rihanna would suit it better though. I see Madonna was heavily inspired by Rihanna tbh. 

Wash All Over Me - Slay Avicii. SLAY! 


Rebel Heart Released Songs


Devil Pray - Sounds better than the demo as it's more polished. I like that country western feel to it actually. 

Ghosttown - I like this a lot. Like I like it the best!

Unapologetic Bitch - I think I prefer the demo haha. It's missing something in the music during the chorus until it drops. 

Illuminati - Ok this version >>>>

Bitch I'm Madonna - better. I kinda like Nicki's addition though it adds nothing to the song. 

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