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yes :sigh: ...which is why I want to see how this turns out. Does it still matter to her? I think it does, she's still Madonna...I dont think Billboard should have counted those bundled ticket sales

yes it still matters to her. If it didn't she wouldn't be promoting the way she is. I mean all the controversial comments are for a reason. I just it doesn't come back to bite her in the end.
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yes it still matters to her. If it didn't she wouldn't be promoting the way she is. I mean all the controversial comments are for a reason. I just it doesn't come back to bite her in the end.

I'm writing an entire review here.....Im kinda pleasantly surprised...almost through all 25  tracks


“Living For Love” a good start, as I previously said, it’s a pretty good song that captures Madonna’s old school charm with a 21st century twist added. Of course bringing comparison’s to the iconic “Like a Prayer” , the track manages to keep the pace fast enough and the rhythmic arrangement is easily accessible, like ear candy in some ways. The roaring vocals tap into that classic choir arrangement.


“Devil Pray” quite folksy, but the lyrical content distracts, again she’s preachy here, save the souls from the same shit she’s pedaled in her own music…. we can get high sure, MDNA does that to people.

On the music end it’s not too over produced which helps the track, and it only picks up the proper speed towards the end of the track. Not a bop though


“Ghostown” single worthy material, as a popular artist the old repetitious yet infectious chorus works. I’m not paying attention to the lyrical content here, so much as the polished veneer the song holds up to.


“Unapologetic Bitch” not here for her trying Rastafarian man shit. Giving her album a listen is a courtesy   so if I’m here give me something to work with and don’t make me wait too long. Now she gets to play like shes a young hip hopper or whatever the hell that is. I’m kinda tired of hearing her woman scorned lyrics, if you find yourself damning every ex, you might be the problem. It doesn’t feel good. The title is probably the best thing here.


“Iluminati” I like the intro maybe even the song, but trying to enlighten the masses comes off pretentious. At about 2:55 If you ignore the lyrics and just enjoy the music the production alone does well, without her.


“I’m Madonna Bitch” the vocal use of autotune is horrid. The cartoonish “singing” is very off putting, and the music doesn’t fit her well, she’s trying something she’s not, try being genuine. Nicki Minaj is useless here, doesn’t help doesn’t add anything good


“Hold Tight” YES!!! YES!!! The pace, the voice quality not trying too hard, feels organic. Do this one at the concert.


“Joan of Arc” starts off very folksy again, but it picks the rhythm fast, and finally her lyrics feel personal and identifiable. She can sincerely claim being the critical punching bag, and in this sense it feels vulnerable. The fact the music is uplifting despite the content, what she does accomplish is feeling upbeat even when singing about being beating up. Up to 4 outta 8 half good half blah at this point.


“Iconic” a club song, of course the gay variety, but its worthy until it hits that chorus which sounds part American Horror Story theme song and carnival esque. Her voice is over the entire track, take a back seat and let the music carry itself. Edit the rappers out, just let it go Madge. :sigh:


“Heartbreak City” sounds like a B-side not meant to be released. Not fun, at this point in her career, let yourself show joy. Kinda drags, I want a more celebratory experience from an artist in the game this long, gotta be something to be grateful for. Nothing musical worthy of note, hate the title.


“Body Shop” this works for her, its light almost bubbly. I could give this one several spins, its mood driven, laidback.


“Holy Water” okay she wins this one off “bitch get off my pole” :lol: I like this one too. It’s repetitive a bit much, but the lyrical play back and forth is kinda cute. When Madonna is being tongue in cheek it works. I actually like the interpolation of “Vogue” into the track. Yes do this one ! :good:


“Inside Out” not a bad try, music is on point, the singing can overwhelm that track, the chorus sounds used, done before one dimensional. Not entirely a diss, the track is saved by some pretty decent moments musically.


“Wash All Over Me” kinda monotone sounding, its as if her vocals were sung alone and pasted to be interchangeable with other songs, because the pacing and melodic vocal cues are down played and similar to other songs she’ already done.


“Best Night” “we gone be like gangstas tonight”? …um okay :unsure: . This song seems to have a well embedded R&B groove, maybe even a sample. That part is actually the most appealing part of the production. Yea she tried it, R&B Madonna :good:  song closes out strong like a bop though. “Wanting, waiting, for you” you betta sneak in your other bops Madge -_-


“Veni Vidi Vici (feat Nas) I don’t think she knows where shes trying to go here , are we doing rodeo ho down, or is a hoe down call the pimp? :unsure: Okay now she’s just bragging about where shes been as if to remind us what she’s done, insecure much? Nas surprisingly gives the song life, and for once a rapper on her song feels like it can stay. Yet the song jumps back and forth between the streets and the dusty folksy vibes. I don’t know she’s somewhere


“S.E.X.” whatever I do or don’t know about sex, pulling hair and being soaking wet is a bit cliché isn’t it? Nope, she could have kept this, but maybe I should wait, the song may turn into yet another song midway, she seems to like doing that.


“Messiah” okay I can say the album is cohesive, because she stays ethereal in her singing, its all angels, demons, light, dark, message, preach. But just because there’s a thematic tone, doesn’t make it a good one, it’s the one thing her brand is built on that I wish she would get away from, stop preaching. Not a danceable track, and I think her fans enjoy just about anything she throws out, but make good dance tracks ala “COADF” and folks are on board.


“Rebel Heart” at least it’s a tad more up-tempo. Maybe this is a grower, that’s the best I can give it. The lyrics are true to who she is, and I respect that much. It works and she does “barely make it out alive” here.


“Beautiful Scars” nice track for the clubs, needs a good remix. I like this one too, overall holds up well. Nothing that tries too hard in a direction not fitting her. This song again seems to take on some R&B influences, and while I might feel like dismissing it, those are actually good moments for her, like the album “Bedtime Stories”


“Queen” nothing super special, and again its not as riotous as I would have enjoyed. Its not too much not too little, but just kinda rote.


“Borrowed Time” I get the impression she plans on sitting with her guitar on this tour a lot! … :lol: I think I see where the songs lose in some ways too formulaic. Where are the moments where she experiments and it hits the bullseye? Like “Gang Bang” I can see this only as a grower.


“Graffiti Heart” she’s put a lot of new music out, reducing her show down to what’s worthy shouldn’t be too hard, because if she wants to keep a good pace, these mid-tempo at best kinda tracks wont hold people to their feet. The chorus here is pretty good though, simple but catchy, I could see myself playing this again, which says a lot for 2015 Madonna.


“Autotune Baby” kinda starts as a nightmare, the song is just that a crying baby put to autotune, and again monotone. Too much bad going on here, Bye Bye Baby Bye Bye :wave: ewww


“Addicted” opens well, good thump to it. She sure speaks of the devil a lot, I wonder if they go shopping together, or take selfies of one another? :unsure: she must know him well :shifty: the chorus bolsters this wailing keyboard that just rings of noise, until the song calms back down and becomes palatable. Mediocre at best here on this one.


Overall good album, theres enough worthy stuff to make this experience one worth repeating, but when it’s too laidback I find myself wondering how that’s going to translate live, in that case leave those tracks be…..but get that feedback Madonna it aint bad, its got some moments…. Bitch is Madonna afterall :coffee:

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yes :sigh: ...which is why I want to see how this turns out. Does it still matter to her? I think it does, she's still Madonna...I dont think Billboard should have counted those bundled ticket sales

They shouldn't of and Billboard knows they shouldn't of

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Sam Smith has stopped Madonna from topping the UK album chart, denying her the 12th number one of her career.

Madonna's latest album, Rebel Heart, had been in pole position throughout the week, but Smith's In The Lonely Hour sneaked ahead at the last minute.

His record undoubtedly received a boost after he performed his new single, Lay Me Down, with John Legend on Friday night's Comic Relief show.

In the end, he beat Madonna by 12,000 sales, the Official Chart Company said.

In The Lonely Hour has now spent six separate spells at number one - a record for a male solo artist.

Only three other albums have done better - Simon and Garfunkel's Bridge Over Troubled Water, which topped the charts on eight occasions; followed by Adele's 21 and Emeli Sande's Our Version Of Events, both of which managed seven.

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Madonna's "Rebel Heart" likely outsold the "Empire" soundtrack, but the latter might have generated more first week consumption.

Hits Daily Double will not issue its complete weekly sales report until Tuesday afternoon, but it has already provided a glimpse of the likely outcome.

According to the tease, Madonna’s “Rebel Heart” will win the pure album sales race. The “Empire” soundtrack, however, is expected to claim a greater first week consumption total.

Consumption total–Sales + Track Equivalent Albums (10 single sales = 1 album sale) + Streaming Equivalent Albums (1500 single streams = 1 album sale)–informs the revamped Billboard 200 chart. The FOX series’ soundtrack is therefore expected to top what is widely recognized as the most important albums chart.

Going into the weekend, Hits was projecting pure sales totals of 105-115,000 and 90-95,000 for “Rebel Heart” and “Empire,” respectively. The inclusion of TEA and SEA data was expected to produce consumption totals of 110-120,000 for both albums.

The extent to which the final Hits numbers will deviate is presently unclear. The extent to which the final Billboard numbers will deviate from the final Hits numbers is also unclear.

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Overall I like Madonna better. I think I said they were about equal :coffee:

nope you were saying you don't see what you saw in her and that you finally saw she was full of gimmicks and you've been watching Janet lately and that's what made you feel like that lol

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nope you were saying you don't see what you saw in her and that you finally saw she was full of gimmicks and you've been watching Janet lately and that's what made you feel like that lol

I think you're taking some liberties :umm:

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