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The verdict is out. Sassy P!nk once again has the best concert of the year...

King Baby

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P!nk is the underdog... Beyonce won't last forever.. She's already making shitty music and it's her 5th solo album

Performance wise... Beyonce kinda sux.. Same shit.. 5 albums in... Nothing changed with her performances... People will start noticing.. They already have with the Superbowl

maybe not so much since her tour is already doin better than her last

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One thing I've noticed here with some members is that even if an artist like P!nk, who has had a successful run since 2000, isn't being showered with awards and accolades every year, they are somehow underrated or overlooked.

She always has and always will be in her own lane. Her music continues to deliver, she keeps on getting hits, her performances are consistent, and she is a huge tour draw. Not everyone will get the same praise, but honestly...she is at a great space in her professional and personal life right now. She has worked for this and is in it for the LONG RUN.

I might joke around and use the words iconic and legendary, but those titles are overused and overrated. P!nk's priority is first and foremost the music, the art. I feel that certain artists and fanbases are too caught up in achieving a certain status or getting recognition. Sure, there's best selling artists, albums, and singles, but no one is truly ever #1 in every department. There's too many in the music industry, open your eyes and mind, look at the bigger picture.

Attitudes like that take away from the entertainment. But to each his own. I love and support P!nk, so do her millions of fans...and that's the bottom line. Awards be damned (though she has plenty of those anyway)!

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