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Round 2 of voting, Janet vs Def Leppard


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Im not sure who else she's competing with but it really makes you think they're trying to make it hard for her, I swear it's already a mess that LL made it in before Janet, and I love LL, but.....over Janet?......in the Rock & Roll....she got Black Cat........a #1 Grammy Nominated rock song....

But yea less than 10 minutes ago she was around 48% again...now it's 42%, they are NOT going down without a fight.

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Janet being the only pop act left >>>>

Round 3 will be hard.

WOOP GO JANET IWINIWIN_zps02216085.gif

Tell me about it, she'll be going against KISS......most importantly this all rings the question "Why wasn't KISS & Def Leppard inducted before LL Cool J & other pop & rap acts?"

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Will these polls mean anything to the actual induction process?

According to the sites its supposed to give a hand with that, but it could be just to raise votes.....I say lets not take any chances cause they didnt say. I REALLY want her inducted, I hated that for YEARS (since 08) they've said her likely year to be inducted was in 2013, then this year they said 2015....WHAT_zps13e5aa9d.gif

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