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Brandy has come for Beyonce'...

King Baby

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In an interview with theGrio’s Chris Witherspoon, Brandy said Beyonce should be given the artistic freedom to express herself in her lyrics, even if her lyrics make her look ignorant.

“I think art is freedom. You should be able to express yourself the way you choose to express yourself. Of course people are gonna have their own opinion, but opinion is opinion. I think art should be expressed the way it should,” she said.

But when asked if she liked the song, Brandy agreed with the majority consensus that the song was garbage.

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*giggles* she made it a point to say that she loves Beyoncé, she don't want it with the Beyhive. you know if she said anything otherwise, they would have stormed her twitter page and went (all the way) there. -_-

hell,they been attacking that girl. They are the main ones keeping the accident joke alive til dis day on twitter.

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Brandy kept it classy. If anything she defended Beyonce's "artistic integrity" better than Beyonce ever could :umm:

She proved you can love an artist but not like everything they do. :coffee:

For the record I happen to like "bow down". I got all my life when Bey said she remember "eatin boudan in the paking lot!" :w00t:

That took me back to the summers I spent in Louisiana as a child. :yep::wub:

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