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The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

Mr. Wonder

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BET: Gay Icons


Janet Jackson

The pop icon is adored by everyone, but her love in the LGBT community is unstoppable. When GLAAD honored Janet with the Vanguard Award President Neil G. Giuliano said, "Ms. Jackson has a tremendous following inside the LGBT community and out, and having her stand with us against the defamation that LGBT people still face in our country is extremely significant."


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Domestic Total Gross: $27,515,786


Domestic Total Gross: $123,309,890

Worldwide Gross: $166,339,890


Domestic Total Gross: $55,204,525


Domestic Total Gross: $60,095,852

Worldwide: $60,673,972


Domestic Total Gross: $37,729,698

Total box-office gross = $347,463,871

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Well it looks like my spam paid off.

Rolling Stone Readers Pick Their 10 Favorite Dancing Musicians

8. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson may not have the widespread cultural impact of her older brother Michael, but she is a brilliant dancer in her own right, and has arguably had a greater long-term impact on the choreography of contemporary music videos. Her 1989 video for "Rhythm Nation," in which she and a quasi-militaristic ensemble dance in some sort of urban dystopia, set the template for hundreds of videos to come in the Nineties and aughts.


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No I don't think so. It's true though. Janet's cultural impact isn't up there with MJ's. But I think they gave Michael some shade by saying she's had a greater long-term impact on choreography and music videos. :umm: And this list is based on musicians that are dancers, per se. Not actual dance talent. If that were the case, Gaga wouldn't be ranking at all.

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I would have been more outraged if she didn't make the list. But the last line gave me life. The lesser girls are all influenced by Janhova's videos. B)


Like I said, just watch MYM. You can see a little bit of every female artist who dances in that video.

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The 10 Best '80s Music Videos

10. "Rhythm Nation"

Janet Jackson's 1989 clip had a lot going for it: Years before Coldplay raided the Sgt. Pepper's jacket department, Ms. Jackson and her crew put on their military jackets and did the finely choreographed routine that fans everywhere wore out countless VHS tapes rewinding to memorize.


The 10 Best '90s Music Videos

2. "Scream"

Black and white. Set in outer space. Directed by Mark Romanek on a budget of millions. Featuring not one but TWO superstar Jacksons: Michael and Janet. What's not to love?


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The Guardian: 50 Key Events in the History of R&B and Hip-hop Music

12. Janet Jackson releases Control


Michael's baby sister was grown up, no longer answering to her recently divorced husband, singer James DeBarge, or her father, and now ex-manager, Joe. An emancipated modern pop star still needed the occasional bit of help, though. Cue the producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, former Prince proteges and key players in R&B's annexation of the charts. This would be the core of Janet's subsequent six-year hot streak, and of much pop that followed.


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