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The Janet Jackson Accomplishments Thread

Mr. Wonder

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How the hell didnt Dosent Really Matter get on that list? that song was HUGE in 2000, its what made me say "DAMN, I LIKE HER" I mean it was everywhere, so was the video,and so was she. I think at the very least that song could've been on the list in the 80s list. This list is stupid to me, like I agree with most of the song, but the arranging sucks (like the song that wins shouldnt, Yea! was way bigger than that song)

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^^^IDK about that. I would have to look in to that.

And I think this warrants merit:


New York, NY, November 21, 2011 – Following Blackglama’s most successful “What Becomes a Legend Most?” ad campaign to date, featuring Janet Jackson, the brand announced this morning the launch of the Janet Jackson Blackglama collection.


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The 100 Sexiest Album Covers of All Time

By Complex Magazine


35. Janet Jackson, janet. (1993)

Why It's Sexy: Ok, it's a simple face shot, but everyone knows it's cropped from the famous 1993 Rolling Stone picture in which she was topless with a man's hands cupping her breasts.


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My good sis Musik... on Pulse said it best:

The problem with these VH1 lists is their need to attract that 18-24 demographic and the only way to do so, it appears, is to make a list incredibly front-loaded with the most recently relevant artists who have are too early in their career to show that they have the longevity (sales-wise and/or culturally speaking). The fact that the careers of 4 of the top 20 artists spans less than a decade (3 of which are only four years in) shows this list is about appeasing that demographic and not really meriting artists with a respectable position based on their "greatness."

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