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Rihanna - Loud Snippets & S&M (Full)


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you better be glad you my buddy

already posted

:wtf: y when i did a search i didnt see it

ooophs i see it now, u would think that would be at the top of the search not at the bottom my bad lol

and i was just bout to text u tellin u that u were slippin lol

guess i was too busy :censored::wave:

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I see she didn't lift a finger... puppet... :rolleyes:

Fading is totally about that lil Boy who hit her... Charlie Brown or whatever...

I do like instantly:


.. King Bed


Pt II of Eminem's hit song


i don't get the point of this album... it's like "look i'm Rihanna and i bought some songs.. and put em together on one album... u likey?" instead of having some theme to it.. like her best and 2nd best (GGGB/Rated R respectively) albums... oh well...

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I had S&M since earlier today it's ok to me sounds too much like only girl

after i come from the movie tonight the whole album should leak

this album sounds solid but it's very different than Rated R

call me and let me know how the people react to S&M

U know i will...soon ull b here so u can see just how they react to songs here lol

& i want it to leak within the next 4 hours lol

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