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Britney will not be #1 next week on Billboard

DJ Y2K Malone™

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No...The media does refer to "Born This Way" as her second album... :excited:

She just was kind enough to make it so her fans wouldn't have to spend more money on the new songs added. She cares album her fans...Most artist do re-releases and want you to buy the same songs you've brought already. Gaga cares for her fans.

Umm the media and her fans were calling TFM her sophomore album :mellow: At first her label were selling it along with TF together on ITunes as a re-release, but Gaga was feeling herself so they quickly started selling it separately and called it her sophomore album.

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You know they don't listen :sigh: They should know that as much as Roc kept posting links for TFM being confirmed as her sophomore album while I kept calling it a re-release

And common sense should tell them TFM had 50% new tracks, so therefore it constituted as a new album. :sigh:

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She's pretty much at the point where she can sell and tour comfortably. She's bigger than all of her female peers, minus Beysus.

Why do you always have to bring up Beyonce when you know that she doesn't have the fame or selling power that Britney does? :rolleyes: Beyonce needs to work 20x as hard as Britney to sell 2x as much.

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But how much did the Circus tour gross internationally? That was my question, indirectly stated of course. Beyonce doesn't NEED to do it. "Sangle Heffas" was bigger than ANYTHING Britney has ever done.



Is that why Beyonce doesn't have a song on the international biggest songs of all time list? :rolleyes: Single Lettuce was only big in the US and you're using that as your international argument? Ugh.

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GaGa tweeted some lyrics or something on new year's.

I'm Beautiful In My Way,

Cause God Makes No Mistakes,

I'm On The Right Track, Baby

I Was Born This Way

Don't Hide Yourself In Regret

Just Love Yourself And You're Set

I'm On The Right Track Baby,

I Was Born This Way.


Well lets not act like Brits lyrics are a masterpiece ..alot of pop music has shitty lyrics..nothing new B)

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I really could care less about her......I feel bad for her though because she truly is being controlled right now and she's going right along with it to stay on top and rather allow herself to be unhappy. Doesn't sound like success to me. She's paying a big price for this success in an awful big way. There's just no soul in her it's almost as if she is a robot. What kind of pills do they have her on?

Shame on you who won't leave her alone. Let her be already! :lmao: :lmao: :lmao: :lmao:

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