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American Horror Story Thread


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Here's my personal lil rundown summary of the last 3 seasons


Season 1: Classic striaght up horror  & supernatural

Season 2: More Science Fiction horror

Season 3: More drama than horror really.


Season 1 is my personal favorite as a classic & supernatural horror fan. Season 2 I liked alot but it had too much going on imo, but still over all a great season. Season 3 should be the very easiest to watch if you scare easy, I LOVE season 3 based on the performances more than anything (I realized, tho it's pretty much tied with season 1). 

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I think instead of doing a Scream 'tv show' they should have incorporated it into AHS somehow. Like a slasher season? Never mind...

I'd LOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAUVE a tradishional slasher season soooo much. BUT they'll probably say "We did that with season 2", and the slasher stuff of season 2 was great but it gets lost amongst monsters, aliens, possesions, the devil, lions and tigers and bears.

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