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Did you know that the planets aligned in 1982 according to Nasa?

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What happened in 1982?

Janet the musician was born


Another one occurred in 2000 - and she recorded All For You (her last successful album pre-Superbowl).

The first known alignment also occurred in 1962. By then the Jacksons had all been born except one. I believe this alignment is what set off a chain of events that lead to Janhovas descent from up above to take human form in 1966.

Is there really any evidence to suggest she ISN'T a divine being? Like seriously - planets aligning and Janhova surrounds it. What kind of...I can't even. All I can do is bow down to Janhova Damitallah Josus Jackson.


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There isn't any. Her greatest showing of her divine power was to sacrifice herself for her children in 2004. The ULTIMATE display of Godhood. -_-

Who does that? No one but a Supreme being.

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